Deleting Google Chrome bookmarks

I, using my usual fantastic organizational skills, have ended up with hundreds of bookmarks in my Chrome browser. I would like to delete most of these and sort of start over, but so far can delete only one at a time, a long slow process. I have searched the help function, with no help found. Do any of you Google experts know of a good way to delete bookmarks in big bunches? Would much appreciate any help here.

If you go to chrome://bookmarks it gives you a UI that will at least let you multi-select (i.e. shift-click on lists) and delete.

You can also get there by choosing “bookmarks” -> “bookmark manager” under the menu button.

Delete the bookmark file in your Chrome user profile, which should be at:

C:\Users(Username)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

The file won’t have an extension and will just be named “Bookmarks”.

You may want to create a copy before you delete it, or you could just move it to another folder.

Well, that was easy. Thanks to you guys my bookmarks are now a lot more manageable.

It’s rather interesting that nowhere in the advice provided by the Google help function were any of these solutions mentioned.