Delicioius food combinations

I think I’ve stumbled across something new. I baked a cake fresh from the oven and didn’t want to use a heavy icing. So, I topped it with pudding. And it was mighty delicious. Anyone else try this before? And what other serendipitous food combinations have you stumbled across?

Some recipes are farfalle with pumkin sauce,brussel sprouts with apple and onion,gnocchi with fava beans.

In your example what is the “pudding”? This is a bit of a generic term in the UK.

Sure, my grandmother used to serve stale cake with warm pudding or warm milk.

(I’m assuming ‘pudding’ is sweet custard - like Jello pudding).

Yes, vanilla pudding. (like custard)

Sliced strawberries covered (or marinated for a few hours) in balsamic vinegar, topping good vanilla ice cream.

Salt, pepper, cumin, and chili powder on watermelon chunks.

Avocadoes and/or guacamole on almost anything.

Honey on blue cheese. I think it was one of the cheesemongers at Whole Foods who told me to try that, and hey presto! I suddenly liked blue cheese. (I’ve come to cultivate its flavors on their own, as well, but that was certainly the tipping point.)

Pepperoni and pineapple.


Jalepeno and pineapple.

I opened a can of tuna fish before realizing I didn’t have any mayo, so I used cottage cheese. It tasted fine, and it was probably healthier.
Just be sure to eat it all in one sitting…it doesn’t keep well.

Chilled Hawaiian papaya with Spam or Portuguese sausage and rice - for breakfast.

Roquefort with candied pecans.

Toasted sharp cheddar cheese sandwich with those little sweet gherkins.

Peas and feta cheese. Just discovered it this week and it’s delicious.

Bananas and chocolate. Or peanut butter.

Peanut butter and tomato, peanut butter and banana, peanut butter and bacon salt. Peanut butter goes with everything!

Cilantro, chipotle, and guacamole are a match made in heaven.

My college cafeteria serves white cake with chocolate pudding on top of it at least once a month. Pretty yummy.

As for my discovery: cilantro on butternut squash.

Blue cheese on gingerbread cookies. Finnish Aura is marketed in US as Midnight Blue, I’d recommend that.

Many, many things can be wrapped in a tortilla and thusly turned into delicious burritos.

Beef casserole is not one of those things. In case you were wondering.

OTOH, try cream cheese, Canadian bacon and a slice of tomato on your bagel one of these days for a pleasant surprise.

Apple-Banana soda is a real treat. Oh, man. I used to come up with some real doozies when I worked at a coffeehouse. Black cherry chocolate soda won popular acclaim as well, as did almond/vanilla, black cherry/strawberry/raspberry, and strawberry/raspberry/vanilla. I’ll try to think of some of the other ones I came up with. ETA: You can probably get most of these flavor combinations at just about any coffeehouse.

Meatball sandwiches with sweet pickles. Weird but they go great together.

Onion and pineapple pizza.

You know those packets of apple cider mix? I think one brand name is Alpine. Mix one in your sugar cookie dough or roll your snickerdoodles in it and some sugar. Good stuff, that.

Italian dressing makes a great potato chip dip. The saltiness of the chips and the tang of the dressing play off each other with wonderful results.

Mild chili, chunks of cheddar, and red apples.

Peanut butter and honey sandwich (that’s not the combo) WITH Grape Nuts. I’m not one for chunky peanut putter, owing to my dislike of hole or partial peanuts, so the Grape Nuts add a great texture and an audible crunch. People look at you twice when they can hear you each an otherwise normal-looking sandwich.