Foods that you serendipitously found to go very well together

As the flip side of this thread:

Food stuffs that you had the misfortune to find, REALLY didn’t work very well, TOGETHER…

What combinations of food have you run across that really work well together?

Me? I’ve found that for some reason, eating bacon with my morning coffee seems to work very well together. My guess is that it’s the same thing going on with salted coffee, but I’m not 100% sure.

Major Grey’s chutney on Cool Ranch Doritos.

Champagne and triple-cream brie. The champagne makes the brie taste like honey.

A fried egg topping a variety of sandwiches (hamburger, roast beef, grilled cheese) or a burrito.

Sloe gin and Mountain Dew, 50/50 ratio.

One day I had some hummus but I was out of pita bread. I did have tortilla chips though. Great combo!

Regular, or Code Red? :slight_smile:

Hummus and feta cheese together is incredibly good! Both taste pretty good with cabbage, too.

Also, when I cut up Granny Smith apples and add lime juice (to keep them from browning), I sometimes add a little bit of cinnamon as well, and the sour-sweet-spicy thing works surprisingly well.

Generous amount of Kraft Horseradish Sauce on a cheese sandwich, with lettuce.

Most adult type cereals with Kefir instead of milk.

We slice zucchini rounds and use them like chips in hummus.

Original Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper, 50/50. Back in high school, we called it “Dr. Dew.”

I use cucumbers. I guess that’s more common.

Near where I used to work is a restaurant that served a really good, really messy BBQ beef sandwich. No idea as to the sauce but it washed down with Diet Dr Pepper tasted remarkably like Red Hots.

Now I want one of those sandwiches. Unfortunately, the quality of the beef had dropped last time I was there.

Hershey’s Chocolate and a hot sauce like Tabasco or Louisiana. Yeah, they did a similar thing hundreds of years ago in Central America, but when I found it for myself, it was serendipitous.

When I was in grade school, one of the (meatless) Friday staples in our school cafeteria was macaroni and cheese paired with harvard beets. It was one of the few meals I actually liked, and to this day, I’ve got to have harvard beets with my mac and cheese (and the mac and cheese has to be homemade from scratch).

When I started junior college in 1974, I went to the cafeteria for lunch my first day. I selected a dish of cherry jello, and the lady behind the serving line (possibly fucking with my head) asked me if I was going to have salad dressing on it. I’d never heard of such a thing, but I figured she knew her business, and asked her to recommend one. She poured a ladle of bleu cheese dressing over it, and I LOVED it!

Also, a hot fudge sundae made with orange sherbet instead of vanilla ice cream.

And a dipping-sized corn chip with a slice of banana.

Also, cayenne pepper in brownies and hot chocolate and black pepper or jalapeño peppers in apple pie.

A chicken sandwich on cinnamon raisin toast.

Flywheel reminded me:

Egg McMuffin type sandwich made with cinnamon raisin english muffins, ham, fried egg, and cream cheese.

Grits/Polenta for breakfast with scrambled eggs, maple syrup, and bacon. Extra points if you drizzle some bacon grease over the grits.

That sounds pretty awesome!

My contribution: Chocolate chip cookies and pizza. Having a slice of pizza with a Chips Ahoy chaser is dy-no-mite!

Also, raisins in quiche. Mmmmm…