Simple food combinations that really work

I recently discovered that buttered toast with Marmite and Sriracha sauce is really, really good. Obviously not for Marmite haters though.

What are some really simple* food combinations that you find astonishingly great?

*by simple, lets say no more than half a dozen components and no lengthy or multi stage prep.

Anchovies and asparagus, surprisingly.

I might try Marmite and Sriracha sauce. I already eat various cheeses, peanut butter, pasta and all kinds of other stuff with Marmite. I have a feeling I tried it with jalapenos once.

I’m not too sure about actually combining them, but I do have a taste for eating some foods one after the other. What I thought of when I saw the thread is my habit of eating a small piece of chocolate, then when it’s gone a very thin slice of strong, mature cheddar. I find the cheese flavour even better than normal when my tongue is still in chocolate mode.

Similar to this, I like Marmite and marmalade. Not together, but a piece of toast each. I like the marmalade quite bitter, but it’s always sweet enough compared to the Marmite. Then I just alternate bites between each piece of toast. Like the chocolate and cheese, you never mix the Marmite and marmalade, you just eat one while your mouth is adjusted to the other.

beans and rice

I prefer short grain brown rice with black beans. Add some garlic to the beans. Use salsa and cheese for topping.

Fresh goat cheese and pepper jam (spicy or not depending on your preference)

Caprese salad - fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, salt and pepper

Prosciutto crudo with melon or figs

Since I’m American I’ll also say PBJ.

Tomatoes, salt, mozzarella, basil-infused olive oil, balsamic vinegar.

I like these ideas.

Adding raisins to a spinach quiche.

There’s a “spinach pie with cheese, raisins and mushrooms” at this local restaurant and it knocks my socks off. The spinach taste with the salty cheese and the sweet raisins. BOOM!

I don’t make spinach pie at home but when I make a quiche I totally add raisins. Yum!

Lime marmalade tastes quite extraordinary on an onion bagel.

Maybe it sounds too obvious, but coffee with chocolate, cheese and liqueurs – all separately of course! I drink my coffee black all the time so that enhances the complementarity.

It’s the basic acid and fat thing with the coffee and cheese, coffee with chocolate but the liqueur thing is just a shot of sweetness and flavour to balance the bitterness of the coffee.

One more thing, tuna with mayo and a good dollop of horseradish. The horseradish really sparks the tuna and it’s great on a tuna melt with aged cheddar and a hearty whole grain bread.


French fries and applesauce

Boiling water, Swiss vegetable bouillon powder and Marmite makes a delicious drink (well to me anyway :slight_smile: .)

Simple food combinations don’t get much simpler than this:
Carefully toast both sides of a flour tortilla over the burner on your stove. Cover one side with good hot sauce (Cholula as an example), roll it up and eat.

Peanut butter and apple.

Cottage Cheese with Ketchup. Back in the pre-Watergate Nixon years, I read about this being one of his favorite combos. Tried it myself out of morbid Nixon-hating curiosity, and what the hell? - It is good.

My mom was fond of peanut butter and green pepper sandwiches. Never appealed to me though.

Tart apple slices topped with either extra-sharp Cheddar or peanut butter (but not both!). A favorite snack when I want a bit of protein, but don’t want to cook anything.

Fried egg on raisin toast. With or without bacon.

Despite coming from opposite ends of the earth, kangaroo and roast beetroot go amazingly well together.

Okay, that is one that would never have occurred to me.

Well who knew that the stuff that oozes out of the udders of cows and the heads of certain grasses would someday combine to become the miracle we know as buttered toast?