Delinquent Child Support

OKay, so I have a brother who is serving some time in the pokey for being a moron. He is due to get out in August. I have been told by “people” that when he gets out, his ex-wife can have him arrested for non-payment of child support. He is a year behind in his child support payments because he was in the pokey. Is this true? It doesnt make any sense to me-- how can he catch up his payments if he gets sent right back to jail? And if he gets sent back to jail, he will get even more behind. He is really concerned about this, as is the rest of the family. Does any one know anything about this situation? Ex-wife is in Virginia, he is in jail in Tennessee, he will be coming home here to Florida when he is released.

Is he on speaking terms with his ex? (I’m guessing not.) This may all vary greatly from state to state, but I bet his probation officer should be able to give him some guidance.

I believe he will have to go to court to explain the situation and the judge will force arrangement on him.

His ex-wife should wait for him to get a job, then dime him out.

Most likely, he will go before a judge (not to jail again) and the judge will review the situation (based on family court reports, etc) and determine what is best.

He might be ordered to pay the arrears in various ways. Very unlikely he’ll get canned for the missing payments as the whole situation will be considered. However, if he can’t meet the new arrangements then he has a real problem staying out of jail if the ex-wife goes back to court for the arrears he was ordered to pay by a judge.

That is when it gets ugly.

So, now it’ll be:.

ex complains
he is ordered to court
judge rules
he pays new plan or he doesn’t
if not - bye bye.

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