Child Support

My ex-husband was brought before the Grand Jury in 1998 ex-parte, he had already fled the United States. There were 34 counts of mail fraud,wire fraud, money laundering and tax evasion filed against him. In short, he faces 100 years in Federal Prison if he ever came back to the U.S. The following is my dilema:

At first there was no problem with me receiving Child Support which was and is being sent through an Attorney friend of his in another State. Starting last year, he would not pay the support unless certain “demands” were met. My two children and I were faced with eviction each month and needless to say, there was/is an enormous amout of stress on us trying to meet his demands. It is not like I am sitting home just worrying, I am in a Managerial position at my work and work long hours, but at $12.00 an hour, I just meet the family needs minus the rent (which the support has been going towards.)

I don’t know if ANYONE else is in the same or a similar situation as this, but we can’t live this way month to month. I would really appreciate any advice, I am not an ignorant person, but am at my wits end and feel as though I am in the Twilight Zone.

Wow, you sure know how to pick 'em. Well, now is the time that you will have to get help from your fellow human beings. Perhaps some family member or religious organization will help you with your rent, or find a way to absorb some of your other costs - maybe giving you food so your grocery money can go toward rent. Moving in with Mom and Dad is a common solution to this type of problem. Or perhaps someone would take in your children for a while. Finding a cheaper place to live, perhaps sharing with another family, that could help ends meet. Depending on your community, there may be programs to help you. You may have to swallow your pride and ask for help. If you have even a loose relationship to a religious organization, why not talk to them? Usually relgious people want to be helpful.

Wishing you a change in your luck.

Hi thank you for your well thought out reply. I was on State Aid for a year, but now make “too much” money, $12.00. My Mom and Dad are both deceased and my “family” now consists of only my 2 children and myself. I am Catholic, but, the Catholic Church said they couldn’t help. God Bless the Mormon Church…they are a wonderful bunch of people; they did give me $500.00 to help out. They help a lot of people and cannot commit to paying my rent each month. I guess what I AM seeking is a legal avenue that I can go down to find a way to have the attorney I mentioned first in my post be legally obligated through the courts to pay the child support out of the money my ex pays him, but don’t know if that is posible yet without paying out a lot of money for my own atty. Thank you for posting!

Been there, doing that.

You are out of luck. You must learn to get by on what you earn, as you will never be able to count on a dime from him. Do you think he is worried about paying you? Hardly. The govt is is big fear.

You dont mention what his demands are, but I am guessing visitation… and if he is out of the country, and wants to visit… I bet he wants you to send them to him by plane?

If this is the case, you dont really need me to tell you thats NOT a good plan.

Its hard, of that I know personally, but it has to be done. You indicate a wage of $12/ hour… find a cheap place to live,or take in a roommate, students are a good bet to help with the rent. Keep nagging the govt agencies in your area, they might be able to help you with chilcare expenses.

As for holding the attorney responsible for the ex paying his child support, it cant be done.

And with his criminal history, go to a lawyer ( a pro-bono one) and see what you are legally obligated to provide him for visitation. I am darn sure they wont MAKE you send your kids out of the country .

Good luck, tighten yout belt, chin up, and all that. It will all be ok.

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Contact your City AND your County & ask them about rental assistance programs. Far as I can see, the US Gov has them for every county of the americas.

Shop at thrift shops [they are much better these days, I know, I work for three of them], stretch things as much as you can.

Frankly, I would forget about collecting child support from a felon in another country cause its next to impossible to in our own USA, but if you must, you must.

You mention you’re Catholic. Have you looked into scrip, to help with the grocery bills? I think they’re sorta like vouchers that you buy from a church and redeem at stores for goods. I don’t think anyone’s going to be able to pay your rent, but churches can help with groceries and other smaller needs.

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