Dellnet by MSN Sucks

Ok, when we bought our computer through Dell we got a good deal for a year of internet service - $100. I liked Dellnet. It never took more than 30 seconds to get connected, I never got disconnected, and the customer service was not bad. A few months ago it was announced that Dell had joined forces with Microsoft to usher in a brand new internet service - Dellnet by MSN. Everyone had to switch over. Anyway, it stinks. It takes twice as long to get connected, sometimes you have to make several attempts to get connected, I get disconnected often, and the customer service is not very good. They also caused all sorts of problems with our email. I could go one but this is not meant to be a rant, just a vent.

So they took a good service and ruined it all in the name of “improvement”!?!

Thank you for letting me share.