Democratic Primaries: Is There A Ying And Yang Effect?

Just a thought, but with recent polls showing Hillary gaining on Obama in Wisconsin, but Obama gaining on Hillary in Texas, I am wondering if people are just going “against the grain” and trying to outfox the pundits and keep things interesting.

  1. Do you think there could be a “ying and yang” effect - voting against popular trends and polls simply because they don’t want to be pigeonholed according to predictions?
  2. Do you think these states feel more pressure as being “The State” that might seal the deal for one of the candidates?
  3. If you are from Wisconsin, Texas, Ohio or Pennsylvania - have you detected any sudden fluctuations in choice in recent conversations with friends?

I hate posting with a nitpick when I have nothing significant to contribute to the thread, but this is the SDMB - nitpicks are what we do. If you’re talking about the concept of eternally balanced opposing forces, I think you mean Yin and Yang.


  1. No idea.
  2. I don’t think Wisconsin is feeling any pressure. We don’t even get mentioned in most of the national news stories I’ve seen about the primaries. While the four remaining major candidates have all visited (Clinton’s here now) the news coverage only talks about Texas and Ohio. I don’t even hear about Pennsylvania.
  3. Haven’t talked too much about it with my friends. I’m still undecided.

I keep hearing the pundits talking about Pennsylvania primary, but it’s not for another two months (April 22nd), and I’m having a hard time believing things will still be undecided by the time it rolls around. 'Twould be very cool if our votes actually mattered this year … for a change … but I’m not getting the sense that anyone believes they will.

As for who people are leaning towards – I’m hearing a lot of enthusiasm for Obama, but I’m not sure that’s significantly different from what people were thinking a month ago.

My (former) world and welcome to it. This is the first primary I’ll ever vote in where my state will make any difference. I actually have to think about the candidates this year and I’m just not used to it.

Well, I have been reading nothing but reports and polls about Wisconsin on MSNBC and hearing the same on CNN and MSN. Wisconsin seems poised to play a major role this time around.

If Clinton should win Wisconsin, or do better than expected (she is projected to lose by about 6% or so) she will then be able to say that Obama is no longer the front runner.

Plus, Wisconsin’s vote might influence how Texans think, and thus the chain reaction I was alluding to in the OP.

…and yes, Mangetout, I did indeed mean Yin and Yang but didn’t proofread very well…

I think this statement is the crux of why people are getting out to vote enmasse. However, there appears to be a little divide among those who want democrats…I think the glass is a little more full for Obama, I work for his Campaign in CT, and his endorsements and party favorship keep growing and growing, people are projecting that the influx of independants and repubs switching sides for Obama is increasing. I don’t think WI is the real do or die state - it’s definitely a second runner up - but Obama is headed to TX after tomorrow and his numbers there have been on a steady incline. I’m sure this is worrying the Clinton Camp - because should Obama cinch the win in WI and TX I don’t think very many people will doubt his momentum is insurountable after that.

Honey, I lived in Texas for two and a half years and as near as I can tell not many of them think at all and them that do don’t give a shit about Wisconsin.

FWIW which ain’t much, I got four canned calls about voting in the primary, two from each major candidate’s campaign. The Hillary calls were some unknown recorded person and the Obama calls were (recorded) Barack and Michelle. Does that say anything about the importance the candidates are placing on Wisconsin? I dunno. I voted right after work and had to restrain myself from indulging in old habits and voting for Kucinich or Gravel. I didn’t really make up my mind until I was driving to the polling place and went with it’s a secret ballot, nosy!

Ying and Yang? I don’t think so. However there might be a Yin and Yang effect at work.

You mean the sort of yin and yang effect noted in the very first post after the OP? You may be right, although rather tardy.