Democrats 2012 absent Obama?

I doubt it.

Harry Truman could have run in 1952, but his approval rating was 22 percent, so he dropped out of the race, and encouraged Adlai Stevenson to run.

If Stevenson had been elected president in 1952 the CIA would not have overthrown the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953, so there would have been no Iranian Revolution in 1979. The United States would have signed and honored the Geneva Agreement of 1954, so there would have been no War in Vietnam.

Alas… :frowning:

If the economy gets worse, Obama’s approval rating will tank. He might decide that he cannot be reelected, and ask Hillary Clinton to run.

I voted for Obama in the primary because he was slightly ahead of Hillary, and I thought he would have a better chance of beating John McCain. Now I think that with Bill as her number one adviser she would be better able to out think and out maneuver the Republicans.

I like Barack. Nevertheless, polls indicate that on issues of taxing the rich, and cutting Social Security and Medicare the voters agree with the Democrats more than the Republicans. Obama should be rolling the Republicans, but he is not.

He’d already had two terms. Granted, he was officially allowed to run again under a grandfather clause in the 22nd Amendment, but then again, every president prior to him was also officially allowed to run again, having predated the 22nd entirely. I don’t think we can read any more into Truman’s decision not to run again than we can into any of the dozens of other presidents before him who made the same decision.

She’d reconsider it for about 1 microsecond, then run, baby, run!

Wouldn’t happen. If Obama had to withdraw because of some personal crisis like a serious illness or a personal scandal, there might be an opening for Clinton to step into. But if Obama has to withdraw because of a terrible economy, he’s going to take the Democratic Party down with him for at least an election. Clinton’s not going to step into the sacrificial role of being a doomed candidate.

I liked (and voted for) Bill Richardson last time, so I’d be happy with him at least getting a VP nod this time if Obama couldn’t go.

My dream pick would be the little known junior Senator of Minnesota…

We dems are in a tough situation for 2012. As much as Obama has become a personal disappointment, rolling over to the Republicons in every legislative battle, he is the only choice for next year.

Putting all that aside, I too believe Franken and Richardson are good choice. Both are willing to stand up to Republicon BS, but how far any democrat can preach the return to liberal policies is hard to say.

The ‘Cons have put the country into the exact situation they hoped – a strangling economy that is devastating the middle and lower class wage earner but hardly denting those at the top.

I too voted for Obama, and had such high hopes. At first I thought, “Well, I am disappointed in him, but I still respect and admire him and hope he can make changes.” Now I am disappointed to the point that I am about to give up completely on politics. Can’t stand to look at any of them or listen to them speak (including him). It’s all a bunch of crap. No one can really do anything.
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One word: “Yeeeeeahhhhhh!”

Franken is a very smart man who knows his public policy but not exactly brimming over with gravitas or charisma. Every time I watch him in Congress I still expect to hear him say “…and that’s why I wear…the bow tie…”. Not the inspirational leader people would flock to.

I also can’t see Biden doing it. The man is a walking gaffe machine. I don’t even understand why he’s VP, to be honest.

Richardson and Dean are good choices, maybe even as a joint ticket in that order.

If you ever saw a long interview with Biden, you would understand. He is extremely smart.He knows politics . He does seem to gaffe occasionally but he is a first rate politician who understands how the government works.

As I recall, he once wrote a book titled, “Why Not Me?”

Why not him, indeed? Stepping outside the thought experiment of this thread, I’m quite seriously rooting for him to run in 2016.

You would have to postulate some Tet Offensive like event and with the filing deadlines for the primaries it is probably awfully late to create the organizations to get on the primary ballots much less contest the primaries at this point.