Demonology- Are there demons who do whatever they want? Bad and good?

  1. Are there demons who do bad AND good things if they feel like it?

2)Let’s say you knew a demon in a past life, and they come to you in your currently life wanting to work with you. They show you their name and what they look like. Does that seem plausible?

  1. Do all demons hate humans or are there demons who don’t hate humans? Is it possible there are demons who dont hate or like humans but are neutral to them?

  2. Can a demon grow a liking to a human if they for some reason like their personality or something about them?

  3. If knowing a demons name gives you power over it, why would they willingly show you their name?

I’m asking this because during my attunement for Reiki I saw his name in my mind. I know this demon I just didn’t know his name. I know what he looks like because he showed himself to me when I was learning witchcraft. I don’t do witchcraft anymore. My Reiki teacher told me if he showed up during attunement that means I should work with him but she doesn’t know anything about demonology. I’ve read about people who work with demons but I don’t understand.

I believe in my past life I summoned this demon and I fell in love with him. I have talked to archangel Michael and he told me I could use that feeling of love I felt for him to help people. I literally felt how much I loved him so much I even cried and I don’t cry a lot. This demon I believe oppressed me for 15 years, and he told me he did it to see if I was still strong as he knew me to be. Even though I know this I can’t hate him. I mean I am who I am today because of the shit I’ve been through and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

There are no demons.
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That’s the kind of thing a demon would say!

I’m sorry, I don’t know what possessed me.

Trickery! Trickery! Trickery!

You may get some good answers to your questions, but be very very careful, as it’s likely that some posters here are actually demons. :smack:

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Quite a bit depends on how you define “demon”. If you go with a Christian definition they are all evil and all hate (or act as if they hate) humanity and you a damned fool to either trust or work with one. I might also add that Christianity doesn’t believe past lives, either.

Other religions view demons as spirits that may be evil, neutral or potentially beneficial, but usually dangerous.

So… first we have to ask what religion are you?

Everybody leads such mundane current lives, but led such interesting past lives.

Well, some seem to think that Belphegor keeps the world going 'round.

It told you its name? And you believed it? It’s just messing with you, trying to reassure you of its beneficence so it can steal your soul.

Really, do you know NOTHING about demonology?

Angels and demons don’t exist.

Maybe they do but it’s like matter/anti-matter.

Well I believe in God but I’m not any religion. I guess you could say I’m spiritual. I believe what I see and hear and know and feel using my psychic abilities. I know I can’t proof pretty much everything I believe in. There’s just no way to. For instance I didn’t believe in God until I saw a vision of Archangel Michael. I know it wasn’t a dream I was wide awake lying on the couch when it happened. So what religions do believe in reincarnation? Honesty I just believe what I see or hear for myself

Before we go any further, we would have to know if you are open to the possibility that demons and their like do not exist, and that any experiences you have may have mundane explanations. If not, then I see no reason to waste our time.

gasp A demon! Czarcasm is an ancient demonic name. Also, note how it refers to itself in the third person, a common trait amongst demons. It is part of their sinful pride, which led to them being expelled from heaven.

‘Our’ time?

King James VI of Scots wrote a book on this topic, available online as pdf, (before he acquired his second number).

When I see a topic like this, I am reminded of this XKCD comic.

If demons exist, they’ve been keeping amazingly quiet. To the point of background noise. Therefore they would serve no real purpose in life anyway. I think leprechauns have a better chance of being real.

Why worry about demons when something provably real like the odds of the Earth getting walloped by an asteroid are enough to worry anybody who frets over unlikely things.