Demuxed Video - Playing and Burning to DVD

I’ve been banging my head for a few days against a problem at work, and I’ve come to the geniuses here for help.

I have a client that has lots of video files that they need to play on the computer and burn to DVD. My job doesn’t involve video normally, but I got recruited into helping them figure out how do do what they’re trying to do.

Here’s the situation: The video files have a .m2v suffix and the audio have .mpa. The files are divided by person, mean Bob Jones has a video and audio file, Sarah Conner has one of each, etc. I think this is referred to as “demuxed” in the parlance of those who know more about video than I do.

My final goal is two-fold: to be able to play the files on the computer and to be able to burn them onto DVDs.

The perfect solution would be one application that would do both. It would take the demuxed files and play them on the computer, and it would mux the files and burn them to DVD in the appropriate format.

There are a LOT of files, so I need a solution that can work in bulk. The playback computer will be running Windows.

Does anyone know of software that will do that? Or even know of a message board where I could ask such a question? Do you have enough information to recommend software, or is my lack of video knowledge hampering the discussion?

I would expect that any DVD encoding program would accept demuxed files.

TMpegEnc offers a trial version, as does Nero’s DVD encoder, IIRC.

For what purpose do you need to view them? Once they are on DVD, you can view them through a DVD player, right? Do you need to edit them maybe?

Any application that will author your DVD will also play the files. Alternatively, I believe media player classic will play a demuxed file as long as both files are named identically and are in the same folder.

There are oodles of good, free utilities out there that will do this for you; you don’t need any encoding done (your files are already encoded).

You can do the whole thing with DVDStyler, I think - it would be more usual to present it with files that are already muxed, but you can feed it pairs of files and it will handle the multiplexing as it goes.