Dennis Miller--My new hero!

Did you all see him last night on Jay Leno? You know, I hated the guy while he was on Monday Night Football, but I have a new respect for him after his appearance last night. He backed and supported President Bush, but blasted Sadaam, France and Gov. Grey Davis. I felt like standing and clapping but didn’t want to wake the kiddos.

I agree, I couldn’t help but laugh at some of his cracks. I don’t really follow his career, but usually find him funny (when I happen to stumble upon him on TV).

Another DM fan checking in. I loved the HBO show. Although, towards the last season, he was clearly off his game.

Anybody know if he is going to get another show somewhere?

He has been my hero ever since he was doing Weekend Update on SNL. The guys who came after him absolutely sucked in comparison.

I’m sorry to say that his HBO show just got cancelled. Too bad. He is a very funny guy, as well as extremely bright. He still does stand-up if you want to catch him in your area.

I’m extremely bummed that he’s a Bush fan.

Why wouldn’t he be a Bush fan? How many dividends do you think he owns?

What did he say about Grey Davis?

You should have seen him on Donahue a few weeks ago. It was a full hour of that, it was great.

Bearflag, I hope you are not a Davis fan, but it was a hoot last night! It went something like, “We no longer have a San Andreaus Fault (sp?) out her in Calif., now it’s all Grey Davis’s fault!”. Of course with Dennis Miller, it was rapid fire, one joke after the other. When he was on SNL, I was under the impression he was pretty liberal, or maybe it was just the material her was given.

Isn’t every comedian a Bush fan? They were all Clinton fans, too.

The material practically writes itself!

And he was pretty liberal at one point, but has admitted to getting more conservative as he gets older (and since his kids were born).

Well, since this is IMHO, let me chime in and say I think he was annoying as all hell.

People were pissed that people would use the Grammys to make a political statement, but Dennis Miller trying to cram as many ideas as he can into a segemnt on Leno is OK? I think he should just wear a sign around his neck saying “Listen to me, I’m really really important! … Please?”

It’s like his humor isn’t cutting it anymore,* so he figures, “Hey, I can go on Leno and say a bunch of popular opinions while trying to look like I’m clever so the audience will applaud, and I’m loved again.”

*- I haven’t seen him do any comedy lately, but I haven’t looked. Last I heard of him was the MNF and another equally pompous Leno appearance.

Hmmm… Comedians do stuff like this. Leno does “current events” jokes every night of the week. Current event and political jokes are part of today’s comedy. Remember Al Gore on SNL? He was hilarious

There’s a difference between Miller (who is known for his current event and political jokes) being a guest on a show and (get this) telling current event and political jokes. But what Grammy nominee do you know is most known for their political jokes? Few, or none. They are known for their music. Which is why they are on the Grammys. For music.


I appreciated his MNF stuff, because I’m a long time fan, but it did seem like he was trying too hard. A pity really.

He’s smart
He’s clever

But keep in mind, there’s a reason he’s a comedian and not a politician. I don’t think we should put too much stock in his political views.

The majority of comedians make fun of politicians and the politico game. They spin it in to be funny according on how they hear things.

Comedians hear things differently. It’s what seperates them from the sheep.

He stood up for Bush? Really? Is he the first celebrity to do so?

FTR, I missed the Dennis Miller thing. I really like him. His Rants are priceless.

I understand that politics has a (big) place in the realm of humor, but I didn’t see that that was what he was doing. It seemed to me more like he was just spouting off opinions, with jokes sprinkled in. “I think Coldfire is weirder than professional pygmy dancers in off-Broadway musicals,” isn’t really a joke about Coldfire. It’s more random for the sake of funny, tacked on to Coldfire’s weird."

I could just me misunderstanding his schtick, and I don’t have any previous bias against him, political or otherwise. He just comes off as extremely pompous and self-inflated in these segments.