Denver-Bronco Mini Dopefest

Okay, I started out my day at a company picnic. It’s probably good they didn’t have any beer because I was looped by the end of the night!

Lexicon picked me up at about 3:00. I met him at the King Soopers (grocery store) in Monument, Colorado and while waiting for him I yacked with some of the employees.

Lexicon, Santi, cracked me up the entire trip up. If you know him in person he is just the largest (size wise and figuratively speaking) sweetheart and also just a freaking hilarious guy.

We met up with Portnoy, Brian, at The Walnut Brewery and Santi left to pick up Chris, his woman.

Brian and I kicked back and had some beers while we were waiting, Brian tried the sampler brews. All were from light to a VERY stout brew. I think 6-8 4 ounce samplers in all. He ordered these funky quesadilla things and chatted about his baby and other things.

Santi and Chris arrived and the talking and eating ( I wasn’t hungry at the time ) started.

We eventually left, about an hour before game time, and traffic was ridiculous but we had fun chatting in Brian’s truck.

The cool thing was my dad’s tickets also include exclusive parking were we can park right next to the stadium so we didn’t have to pay $20 for a burrito to gain a parking space.

The first half I had a great time. Broncos were looking great and my whistle about blew out a guys ear drums.

During half time we went to The Stadium club where we had beers and drinks and general fun. I ended up staying in The Stadium Club for the rest of the game because I was getting a little drunk at that point. It was a hot night and the AC felt so goooooood.

We hung out in The Club for a while after the game to have more beer and let the crowds/driving back ups die down.

Santi and Chris took me to my car, I came home and did something on the internet ( hehe ) jammed out to some tunes then finally fell asleep.

Here’s the pictures for those that want to see us in pure fan action :wink:

I forgot to add:

Sorry about the download time people. I forgot to compress the files and I don’t want to get back to it right now :slight_smile:

Aw damn, I guess the one of me with the Buffalo Wing stuffed up my nostril didn’t come out!


It didn’t even show up on the camara…you guys were dinking around with it, maybe it got deleted???

Sorry hun…I will look again but I don’t see it on there!

I think I found it but it’s too dark to tell.

I forgot the flash on that picture!!!


Looking over the pictures, sheesh I look like a dweeb!!!

Thanks to the guys for letting me have a fun filled birthday. I am so glad I got to spend it with you two!!!

Oh and Brian, I will work on that picture later to see if I can lighten it up enough to show the chicken bone sticking out of your nose.

< giggling >

Sigh, I wish you three could go to Vegas with us, you are so much fun!

Hey, techchick-

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday!

Thanks for the pics.

And…you do not look like a dweeb! I think you are cute.



I did have a good time! I started a new thread – accidentally posted it over in IMHO – about a big Denver Doper gathering. Hopefully, once it gets posted over here my fellow Dopers will see it and all will agree on a date.

Pictures are so fun aren’t they? You don’t know people but I have always enjoyed Doper Gathering pictures!

Demo and psy have the right idea though when they did the digi video cam and we all drooled over their fun gathering, hopefully we can do that for the Vegas gathering.

Oh and thanks, but I still feel like I look like a dweeb LOL.