Denver Mayor Hancock accused of sexual harrassment

And admits it. Or at least admits sending inappropriate text to a female member of his security when he “misunderstood” their relationship. But he is not resigning (yet).

When will people learn that because of power dynamics if you have control of someone’s job ANYTHING inappropriate is sexual harassment.

Pretty weak apology, IMO. An “I’m sorry you were offended” type, rather than “I’m sorry I engaged in this gross and inappropriate behavior”.

The resignation will come, I expect. He doesn’t need to go to jail, he doesn’t need to go into a hole and die… maybe even with some sincere contrition, and a few years out of the limelight, he could come back as a better person and, potentially, a candidate once again. But the Democratic party can find Mayors and other elected representatives that aren’t harassers or abusers, especially ones that don’t recognize the incredible inappropriateness of sending sexually suggestive texts to a subordinate.

I thought he was clueless about power => harassment but this guy needs to be out for being a complete fuckin’ idiot. Here are some of the texts

His take on the messages he sent?

“They certainly are not meant to be sexual in nature.”

Damn, my eyes rolled so hard they got stuck in the back of my skull, took three facepalms and a bodyplant to jar them loose.

Have mayors learned nothing from Kwame Kilpatrick’s texting fiasco?

Heh-heh. Hancock. Heh-heh-heh.

I feel your pain. “You make it hard on a brotha”… really, dude???

The Denver City Council investigated, at the request of the accuser, whether or not they could remove the Mayor. Their conclusion was that they could not. Looks like the voters would have to recall him but that does not appear to be happening. The fact that there is no widespread call for a recall speaks very poorly for the Mile-Highers.

There is something seriously amiss here.

The aide harasses her, and gets $200,000. The mayor harasses her, and she gets $75,000. WTF?


What came out of the City Council investigation is that there is actually no rule against sexual harassment by a public official in Denver. Thus firing the aide for sexual harassment broke the contract and he was entitled to recompense AND that now Hancock did not (as far as Denver is concerned) violate any ethical rules so it is now a political process.