Mayor Hancock told all Denver employees not to travel even for family

If they did they travel out of state they would have to quarantine themselves unpaid or take personal time. But he highly stressed DO NOT TRAVEL.
So he traveled for Thanksgiving to Mississippi.
But it was OK because it was for family.
Here’s his “Wha? I messed up? I had no idea.” apology/justification.

You’ll remember he also had no idea sexually harassing a female trooper on his protection staff was a no-no either.

So you have a mayor who is a hypocrite. Who would think that a politician could be like that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

True but I think this goes beyond the pale.

The article says he “boarded a plane”. Was it commercial, or was he on a private/charter flight? Because that makes a difference. He was apparently only visiting his wife and daughter, which is a low risk on its own. But if he was on a commercial flight that is absolutely bad.

Either way it’s bad of course, given his position and the hypocrisy it displays, but the hypocrisy is lessened if he was on a private plane and only visited two people. I just want to know the degree of outrage to feel.

No it doesn’t. He specifically banned any travel out-of-state whether you used plane, train or automobile. And any travel out-of-state results in 14 day unpaid (or personal time) quarantine. And he specifically said that the ban included travel to see family.

Hancock said (after he got caught) that he was taking his 14 days off. No word yet if he is taking personal time or if it is unpaid.

“Mayor of Denver” is not going to be a “chartered jet” level of affluence. And if it were a small personal plane, he’d have flown into Jackson.

Can’t he, or others who left, just work from home for two weeks? My sister in law is planning a trip this winter and that’s her plan.

Not every job can be done from home. Plus what is lost is that Hancock ordered employees to not travel out of the state. The 14 day unpaid quarantine was not really offered as an option but rather a punishment for travel. Hence unpaid or PTO - not work from home.

Video where he says he will Zoom Thanksgiving


I apologize to the residents of Denver who see my decision as conflicting with the guidance to stay at home for all but essential travel. I made my decision as a husband and father, and for those who are angry and disappointed, I humbly ask you to forgive decisions that are borne of my heart and not my head

No, the hypocrisy is not lost on me just didn’t realize that the two week quarantine was presented as a punishment. Most government employees I know are working from home mostly anyways.

It was an advisory, not a ban. Note the “Avoid travel if you can” in his Tweet.

Returning travelers were only supposed to use two weeks of personal or unpaid leave if they could not perform their jobs from home, and I think that was only a requirement for Denver city government employees.

If enough people come out and explain his position maybe he’ll be able to retract his apology.

It’s not my intention to defend what he did. Indeed, his travelling to see his wife/daughter was exactly the sort of travel he was advising against; I can’t figure out if he was too dumb to see that, or too dumb/arrogant to believe that anyone would notice him violating his own advisory.

But if people are going to criticize him, they should at least be accurate about the circumstances.

I have to say I enjoyed watching someone torpedo a fairly promising political career so quickly. He probably had an easy run to be a congressman after his term as mayor since he was well liked even after the sexual harassment scandal he received 56% of the vote in his last election.

Fair enough. I’ll give you that.

The only reason it wasn’t a ban (I suspect) was he couldn’t legally ban interstate travel for employees. But he can make sure you are highly dissuaded from traveling (through punishment). So even if you tested negative or no exposure you had to be at home for 2 weeks. And assume you couldn’t work from home (like a custodian) then you have no choice. Don’t get paid or use (waste?) your PTO on unnecessary isolation. Sounds like a punishment and I wonder if Hancock is going unpaid these next 2 weeks.

Ok, now you’re saying that “sounds like a punishment”? Lots of places and employers are requiring 2 week quarantine if you travel. The mayor should do his quarantine and work from home. He might forgo his salary to mollify people like yourself but I bet city employees who can work from would get paid during quarantine.

That’s my guess,too. I am a government employee, (in a different state)and although the rules change day-to-day, non-essential employees cannot enter our offices if they have traveled to most other states for more than 24 hours. You’ll notice I said the restriction is on entering offices - people who can work from home have been doing so since March and they wouldn’t even be asked about travel since those working at home need not undergo the daily screening. It is not a punishment - I could test negative today and be contagious a week from now.

OK fine. Even if I allow that the two week quarantine is not a punishment., the fact remains that Hancock did exactly what he told his employees NOT to do. The slimiest part of this is how he used his family as a shield. Oh it was for my family, forgive me for thinking with my heart not my head. Dude, you make it clear that traveling for family was not in the “travel if you have to” purview. And he even knew it by talking about his Zoom Thanksgiving.

Again, if he is being even somewhat honest that he didn’t realize it was wrong**, he must be the stupidest big city mayor since Jerry Springer paying prostitutes by check.

** As in, “I didn’t realize asking a female employee if she pole dances was inappropriate.”

As an aside, I find it really funny how kneejerk everyone is about travel–as if COVID is something other places have, but not here, not in our safe space. Filthy dirty outsiders with their COVID. I admit, the process of travelling–like flying–can increase exposure, but at the same time, the family that hosts 4 households to eat was not any safer than the family that drove three hours to attend the same gathering.

This is not to defend the Denver mayor–he’s an idiot–but it still amuses me.

Oy. It’s not knee jerk. City and state officials are watching local growth and outbreaks. Travelers add randomness to the situation. Sure, you could be more discriminating and say “quarantine if you went to X” but then you’re just giving people room for excuses.