Depression Symptoms, Or New Illness Altogether?

Standard disclaimers apply: I have an appointment with my doctor, I’m just trying to figure out the right way to broach this subject with her.

I’ve been on anti-depressants for 6-7 years now, and for the most part, they’ve been a life-changer. However, for the last 3-4 months, my depression symptoms have returned, with a vengeance; understandable, as dosages need to be adjusted from time to time, NBD.

But with the return of my depression symptoms is a new set of symptoms that I’m not sure how to describe. The best way I can describe it is to say that I… just don’t feel comfortable in my own skin, if that makes sense. Superficially it sounds like anxiety, but I don’t think that’s it - since I’m not paralyzed by worry, I don’t obsess about things I can’t control, yada yada yada. It’s as if anxiety is manifesting itself physically, but not mentally.

Anyway, is this type of thing just a symptom of depression, or could I be developing an anxiety disorder, even though I don’t feel particularly… anxious?

Either is possible. And if unsure how to bring it up with your doctor consider hitting print for your OP. It’s actually pretty well worded; more than enough for her to come up with the right follow-up questions.

Only a professional who knows both your history and your new symptoms can answer your question. Different people can exhibit illnesses, both mental and physical, in very different ways.

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In my experience, depression symptoms do change…even when medications don’t.

I never used to have panic attacks. Now…I do. Whee.

Your own natural brain chemicals may be changing. Changes in your meds may be causing changes. It could be an aging thing.

“I… just don’t feel comfortable in my own skin, if that makes sense.”

It does. I think lots of us here grok this. It could be a low-level anxiety, but it could be a self-awareness issue.

My old psychiatrist said that marijuana enhances the part of the mind that observes the rest of the mind: it makes one more self-aware. You might be feeling a similar kind of increased mental “awareness of your own awareness.” ETA: Without using marijuana! I didn’t mean to imply you were using it! The effect might be from some other change in brain-chemicals entirely!

I do know that anti-depressants sometimes have the side effect of making one feel as if “These aren’t really my thoughts.” There is a weird sense of personal self-alienation, sometimes. It plays hob with one’s usual round of “Who am I?” thoughts.

Hope your doc can help. Meds are a lot better today than ever before, and things can be treated that, in times past, couldn’t be.

I’ve actually been smoking pot pretty regularly since well before I went on anti-depressants. These new symptoms have only been around for the past 3-4 months, pot use notwithstanding.