Describe each candidate with one word

No debate.
Just list one word that you feel best describes each candidate.
Feel free to use ones that have already been listed.

Obama: smart
McCain: angry

Obama: competent
Biden: interesting
McCain: desperate
Palin: lost

Obama: Black
McCain: White

Obama: promising
Biden: seasoned
McCain: doddering
Palin: folksy

Done as a word-association kind of thing:

Obama: Black
McCain: Old
Palin: Female
Biden: Who?

Obama: Future
McCain: Doddering

Biden: Ineffective
Palin: Frightening

Obama: Hope
McCain: Dangerous

Biden: Dull
Palin: Vibrant

Obama: exciting
McCain: argh!

Palin: Stupid
Biden: Nuts

Obama: Fresh
McCain: boring

Harper - effective
Dion - professor
Layton - terrier
Duceppe - irrelevant
May - naive

(You didn’t specify US American candidates. :smiley: )

You stole my answers!

Obama: Ears
McCain: Grandpa
Biden: Smart
Palin: Yabetcha

Obama: Hope
McCain: Maverick

Biden: Boring
Palin: Lipstick

Obama: Change
McCain: Same
Biden: Safe
Palin: Scary

Obama: Ears
McCain: Vet
Biden: Who?
Palin: Flake

Obama: calm
McCain: overwhelmed
Palin: artificial
Biden: hairplugs

Obama - liar

McCain - Honorable

Obama - Charismatic
McCain - Veteran
Biden - Experienced
Palin - MILF

Obama- Kennedy (John)
Biden- Senate
McCain- Dole (Bob)
Palin- Whore

Obama: Perceptive
McCain: Unreliable

Biden: Solid
Palin: In-over-her-head

Obama: Rational

McCain: Traitor