What one adjective to describe each candidate?

In conversation the other day I referred to Trump as boorish, and thought that pretty well suited him. So I decided to try to come up with single adjectives for the other candidates. Not thrilled with all of them, but thought it would be interesting to hear what others came up with.

Carson -
Clinton - calculating
Cruz - abrasive
Kasich -
Rubio - insubstantial
Sanders - sincere
Trump - boorish

Sorry, didn’t come up with adjectives for Carson or Kasich.

What adjectives would you offer? Wondered to what extent folks’ choices of adjectives would necessarily correlate with their expected voting preferences.

Carson - who?
Clinton - [del]calculating[/del] Madam-President
Cruz - [del]abrasive[/del] troglodyte
Kasich - meh (this is totally unfortunate, as he is viable)
Rubio - [del]insubstantial[/del] yawn
Sanders -[del] sincere[/del] Lenin
Trump - [del]boorish[/del] playground-bully

You said “one” word. So I hyphenated.
(okay, I cheated)

Kasich - Jeb

Clinton- shrewd
Sanders- passionate

Trump- delusional
Cruz- unlikeable
Rubio- pipsqueak
Kasich- milquetoast
Carson- comatose

Carson - somnolent
Clinton - shrill
Cruz - unscrupulous
Kasich - vanilla
Rubio - malleable
Sanders - crotchety
Trump - vulgarian

Not intentionally pejorative, just sort of came out that way.

Clinton - shrewd
Sanders - genuine

Trump - raucous
Rubio - manipulable
Cruz - evil
Kasich - sincere
Carson - unaware

For more fun and a greater challenge, one can try to come up with adjectives that start with the same letter as the candidate’s name.

Carson and Cruz - crazy (what could be more obvious!)
Clinton - calculating, conniving
Kasich - knowledgeable, klutzy
Rubio - radical, rancorous, reactionary, robotic
Sanders - sincere, smart, strategic
Trump - thuggish, tacky, taunting, tactless, tawdry

Sanders - Stalin?

Carson - crazy
Clinton - shill
Cruz - crazy
Kasich - amoral
Rubio - crazy
Sanders - sincere
Trump - crazy

Don’t forget “creepy” for Cruz.

Carson: Weak
Clinton: Strong
Cruz: Annoying
Kasich: Bland
Rubio: Radical
Sanders: Passionate
Trump: Ridiculous

Odd - I don’t perceive any unnecessary delay on his part…

No no no, Stalin wasn’t stallin’.

If your candidate was a Movie Title:

Carson - One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
Clinton - Its a Wonderful Life
Cruz - Psycho
Kasich - Gone With the Wind
Rubio - Rain Man
Sanders- Gran Torino - Get Off My Lawn
Trump - The Great Dictator

Right, because he’s so likely to starve the Midwest to death. :rolleyes:

Carson - Drugged
Clinton - Republican
Cruz - Sociopath
Kasich - Adult
Rubio - Short (ala: short guy syndrome)
Sanders - Decent
Trump - Troll

Carson - delusional
Clinton - polished
Cruz - slimey
Kasich - homey
Rubio - thirsty
Sanders - idealistic
Trump - loutish

If going with alliteration, how about:

Kasich - kumquat

I mean, I know I’ve seen them, but I’m not 100% sure I’d be able to recognize one that wasn’t labelled. And I’m not sure exactly what they are like, or what one is supposed to do with them.

Sanders - LarryDavidish
Clinton - narcissist
Cruz - punchable
Rubio - retarded
Kasich - frustrated
Trump - amusing

how come no one used the word “rich” to describe Trump?

my take:

Clinton: experienced
Trump: media savvy
Rubio: token
Kasich: resonable
Cruz: abrasive
Carson: subtle
Sanders: communist

Sanders - Grumpy
Clinton - Happy
Cruz - Dopey
Rubio - Sneezy
Kasich - Bashful
Carson - Sleepy
Trump - Doc