Describe the underwear you're wearing right now.

Mine are boxers (I won’t wear briefs). They are dark red (like the color of roses) and have these spiral like circle things all over it. They’re pretty nice. They don’t ride up the crotch or anything like that. :slight_smile:

Pink cotton with little flowers. Tulips, I think. Quite dull, really.

White cotton with lavender and pale blue snowflake things on them.

Mine are bright green cotton, from vickie’s secret. Quite comfy, cut just perfectly. Kinda faded though.

It’s 10:30 at night. I have on a pair of loose-fitting shorts, but no underwear. Why do you need to know?

No reason. Just thought it’d be a good idea for a topic. shrug

Made in China.

Rrrrowr. Or something.

Wearing the Utilikilt, regimental.

Tight. White.

My boys need a home.

Blue cotton bikini briefs, my usual only I have a variety of colours.

Isn’t this the sort of thing fan girl pre-teens ask boy bands?

none, also my usual but just the one color, but I think I said as much a while back on a thread abt going commando and why some people do.
mom? is that you?

What underwear?

It’s 10 pm, I’m in my red gym shorts, sans underwear. Around the house, in the gym shorts (or winter lounge pants or sweats), there usually is none.

Moments ago, I tossed a pair of cotton boxers (the Guinness logo ones)into the hamper. It was a hot day, and I was out and active a lot, so cotton was my choice. Normally it’s a nice silk boxer though.

MY boys gotta swing.

Remarkably ugly light blue nylon high-cut briefs with a little geometric design knitted into them. They’re very comfortable, and keep me feeling cool on a hot humid day.

It’s a zillion degrees in Harlem and I’m only wearing the heat, and that badly.

Over yonder, in the dirtyclothes crib, sit today’s pair of “hi-rise” (semi-bikini) briefs, NIcole somebody-or-other brand, medium, I think they were bluejeansy-colored. Normally comfy enough but not in this temp.

Victoria’s Secret black string bikini. Boring as hell.

I find this thread funny.

I’m wearing lavender panties with, er, some sort of tiny cartoon character called “Little Bobdog”. Don’t ask. My grandparents got them for me from Korea.


I don’t even think I own a pair (other than the pair I use to plug the bathtub when I have a bath but I think I stole them from my brother one time when I rented a tux).

Black hi-cut nylon and lace panties. Comfy yet pretty.

Pink cotton briefs underneath a pair of blue cotton boxers with polar bears and red stars that I stole from my husband without him knowing