Describe your perfect day to day life

I was thinking about what my “perfect” life would be, and was wondering what other people would think. Assume the following limitations:

  1. You have enough $$ to live without working full time, but just barely. If you work some, the extra money will mean the difference between living extremely frugally and living with a little margin.

  2. You live in one place (ie, you have a home, maybe some kids)

Here’s my “perfect” life:

1 hour a day, exercise of some sort.

1 hour a day reading “hard” books – ie, nonfiction on subjects that interest me, classics that take more concentration than I usually have to give, Pulitzer prize winning novels, etc. This is in addition to normal reading for enjoyment.

4 hours a day doing solitary “work.” This would be writing my prize winning novel, maybe the occasional programming job, researching investments, etc.

1-2 hours of play time. Some days this could be combined with the 1 hour of exercise. A hike, bike ride, or lazing around at the beach. Skiing in the winter. Visiting with friends & relatives. Shopping for fun stuff like motorcycles & books. Maybe some of this is concentrated on hobbies like learning to fly fish.

In addition, I’d like to take classes at the local university maybe 3 hours a week. I’m not looking for a degree, I’m just thinking that it would be fun to take classes that interest me.

What do other people think?

I’m just thinking about how long it will take for somebody to say they would like to have sex 24 hours a day…

Noooooo, not ME. Me, I’d like to read and surf the SDMB as well.

So I guess that leaves at least 18 hours for sex then, doesn’t it ?


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Cold - depending on who you’re with, it is possible to do all three at once… :wink:

18 hours of sex sounds good to me. Hmm otherwise, having enough money to be able to stay home with my son and have that time with him.

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I’m going to rebel and not put any income limitations on my perfect day.

Wake up without an alarm clock.

Sit at the breakfast table with my kids and the man of my fantasies wearing our jammies and planing our day. At the moment, the *fantasy man would be the carwash guy from Ally McBeal’s season premier. He would be so madly in love with me that he would eat shit for breakfast. Fortunately for him, the breakfast would be something fantastic, made by our live-in chef.

*Don’t get me wrong, the guy I am dating is great, but I’m going all out here in my fantasy world.

After breakfast, we go our separate ways for a few hours. My own private trainer arrives and we workout for 2 hours in my home spa. I then swim a couple of laps in my pool and finally lay in the sun reading a good book and falling asleep.

My perfect man awakens me with a kiss and we make love on a cool, soft blanket, he has put under the huge oak tree in the backyard.

After we dress and compose ourselves, we gather the kids and have a patio lunch of cucumber sandwiches and tea served by our servants.

After lunch, we fly off to some exotic vacation that we had planned earlier. We don’t mess with packing or cleaning the house, our maid and butler have taken care of it all.

Later that night, after a days worth of exploring the Amazon or hiking the Alps, we tuck the children into bed and me and Mr. Carwash take a midnight stroll under the moonlight.

Now for reality -

My perfect day is waking up on a Saturday morning, eating breakfast with the kids. Now that two of my kids are teenagers, my son away to school and my daughter is usually at a sleep over with girlfriends, it is a rare occasion to have them all home and awake early enough to eat breakfast together.

Everyone pitching in to get chores done, including the laundry and yard work. Loading up the car with kids, the boyfriend, and mountain bikes or the tents and heading off for a day (or weekend) of no telephones, no bills, nothing except us and adventure.

Or. . .

Getting snowed in with the kids and boyfriend, a big pot of homemade chili simmering on the stove while we snuggle under quilts and watch videos or read all day long.

Seven days of sex makes a whole week.

Wake up around nine a.m., exercise for an hour, make breakfast, get the boy awake and dressed, eat breakfast with him and read the paper.

Let him play for a while whilst I do my “work” (which would be writing that novel that I’ve, of course, gotten a huge advance on…)

Make lunch, eat on the terrace with Bowen and whichever friend has casually “dropped by”. Put Bowen down for his nap and have coffee and conversation with friend. Make a quick run-through of my always organized and clean house and tidy up all of the little messes that have occured over the course of the day.

Wake Bowen and go window shopping in one of the historical districts. Stop for coffee and a slice of Bete Noir at Chat Noir. Read a book while Bowen gets chocolate all over his face. Pull out my never-ending supply of wipies and clean him up, take him to a park. Take photographs that will most certainly come out perfect and not blurry.

Take him home and let him wind down in front of the TV or with one of his favorite toys while I make a dinner that will undoubtedly be delicious. Play with him until about 8:30, give him his bath, read him three stories and sing him to sleep instead of just saying “Ni-night” and letting him fall asleep on his own.

Settle down in the living room with a good movie. When that’s over, finish reading the book I started at Chat Noir. Hop online for a little bit and be in bed by four a.m. Fall asleep with no problems at all.

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Thank you, Chris! That’s exactly what I was fishing for here… what a perfect day to day life would be if we don’t escape too far into fantasy land. I like all the other ideas, too, but I don’t think that leaving on an exotic vacation counts as “day to day” life. I mean, do you really want to vacation every single day of your life?

That poses an interesting question… if you vacationed every day of your life, what do you do for a break? Work?

Well, Athena, as it happens you have described my actual circumstances of life, except that I am not “just barely” making it, but I also am not wealthy enough to travel all the time and go nuts. And I reallys hould work harder at taking care of what I’ve got. I’m working on that.

And life is really, really, good. I thank god every day that no one owns my time but me.


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Not just yes, but HELL YES!!!

Seven days of sex makes a whole week.