Design your starship crew!

Alright, we’ve done the Justice League, Avengers, and the X-Men in the few couple of days. How about we turn to…starship crews?

The rules—any crewman of a space or starship from any media. I’m leaning heavily towards film and TV, but literature is a-ok, too.

And while it brings to mind Star Trek, but you don’t have to use only Trek characters.

It can be just a “generic” starfleet-type starship with a generic mission (Explore new worlds, blow up evil aliens, etc.) or you can choose a specific ship and general mission.

My picks, so far?

Captain—Malcolm Reynolds. (Firefly) Who, if you’ll check, has his picture in the dictionary under “badass.” If you thought Jim Kirk employed “Cowboy Diplomacy,” you haven’t seen Mal.

Possible disadvantages: Not very eloquent; not great at technobabble solutions; what would happen if any of his crew (even “Red Shirts”) died while he was in command of a powerful, modern, fully loaded, starship. Advantages: Ibid.

XO/First Officer—Susan Ivanova. The raging Yang to Mal’s ruthless…Yang. OK, the chemistry might be a bit off. But it’d be fun to watch.

Chief Engineer—Montgomery Scott
C’mon, what choice do I have?

Science Officer—I’m just going to go out on a limb and say Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet. That’d be a gas.

Comm Officer—Hoshi Sato.
No comment.

Medical Officer—I dunno, The Doctor from Voyager? It’s pretty much either him or McCoy. So I’m torn between watching Bones be mildly befuddled by his surroundings, or the Doctor being horrified by his crewmates’ actions. Tough call.

And…maybe Chewbacca for the helmsman/security officer.

Man, couldn’t you just imagine the crew’s dialogue? :eek: :smiley:

So…anyone else want to join in?

Ship’s Computer - Cortana, from Halo: “Do you always drive like this?” Brain the size of a planet, with no attendant personality disorders. Gives you advice you actually need to hear when you need to hear it, can be downloaded into a combat suit, and comes with free sexy hologrammatic interface.

Chief Of Security - Canderous Ordo, from KotOR: “Yeah? Whadda you want?” No redshirts will die needlessly with a badarse Mandalorian in charge. He’ll kill them himself first.

Assistant Chief Of Security - Vasquez, from Aliens: “No. Have you?” Canderous can take care of the hand-to-hand combat, she can nuke 'em from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Ship’s Robot/Chief Engineer - R2D2: “Beedle-eet-boop!” He can fix anything without lengthy techno-babble explanations, and is usually the only one who really knows what’s happening.

Sexy Babe With Ill-Defined Actual Role - Barbarella. Do I really need to expalin why?

Science Officer - Dr Who, preferably Tom Baker: “Stand back, or I’ll kill your friend with this deadly jelly-baby!” Knows absolutely everything, but not humourless or irritatingly logical.

Ship’s Captain - Ace Rimmer, from Red Dwarf: “Smoke me a kipper - I’ll be back for breakfast!” Charismatic, bold, a leader of men, that Nelson touch, yet humble and self-effacing with it. What a guy.

Oh, I almost forgot:

Diplomatic Officer - Judge Cassandra Anderson, from Judge Dredd: “See you later, adjudicator!” Smart, funny, tough, and her psychic abilities enable her to both sense danger and establish an easy rapport with aliens. And if she can’t, she can kick them elegantly in the pseudopods with a high-heeled boot.

Medical Officer - The Gronk, from Strontium Dog: “Oh, goody - cardses!” Nervously prone to heart failure, but able to heal any injury by touch. Plus we need at least one non-humanoid alien.

I’m going for a warship/explorer :

Captain : Honor Harrington. Good looking, fast, strong, and a genius at anything that involves killing people and breaking things. She’s also ridiculously noble and an empath. Plus, she has a treecat.

Second in Command : Spock. Calmer than Harrington, and experienced in the parts of exploration that don’t involve killing people and breaking things.

Head of Security : Victor Cachat, from the Honor Harrington books. Scary, scary guy, and it’s what he was trained for. Discipline’s gonna be strict.

Doctor : Cohanna from Empire from the Ashes. She can bioenhance the crew. Plus, she has plot-beneficial mad scientist tendencies. For example, when asked to help an alien race understand dogs better, she created a pack of sentient, talking dogs.

Science officer : Dr James Dykstra from Dykstra’s War; a guy so smart they couldn’t measure his IQ, because he never missed a question.

Engineer : Dr Sieglinde Kornfeld from Between the Stars and Delta Pavonis. Smart as Dykstra, but a little more hands on.

Comm Officer : C-3PO from Star Wars. Comedy relief and good with languages.

Marine Commander : Thandi Pavane ( Crown of Slaves ). Genetically engineered, casually beats up “super soldiers”.

Recon, Marines : Felix from Armor. Unstoppable and unkillable, he survives while everyone else doesn’t. Plus, he has a cool set of scout power armor.

Forward Planetary Scouts : T-1000’s with the kill-people programming disabled, and a universal translator. They can learn what the locals are like, and tell the ship if they want to use diplomacy or missles.

(Just a bump, 'cause I just realized that I posted this at 1 am before.) :smack:

Oh, and the vessel will be the Leviathan, a former Republic capital ship betrayed to the Sith by its captain, Saul Karath {duly promoted to Admiral for his pains}, and retro-fitted for razing entire planets.