You may nip at my ankles in this thread.

Hey, get a room!

You two are the two posters whose heads I’d most like to knock together before sending you to your rooms.

Lib, while your desire to prevent further hijacks is admirable, why encourage the sniping? Des, why do you care so much? Both of you need to get lives and/or hobbies.


… this isn’t a hobby?

I assume he started this thread as a direct response to something Des has posted. In which case, Lib, a link might clear things up?

Epilog to that thread: A mod has e-mailed me permission to open this thread. I can bump it within a month’s time if necessary.

IIRC this was the decision made as a result of EddyTeddyFreddy’s thread pitting the last round of Liberal/Desmostylus hijacks. As Lib was just as fed up about it as the rest of us, he agreed to create a new thread to direct future hijacks to, instead of rising to the bait in the hijacked thread.

I agree with Ponder though, it may be a good idea to link the hijacked thread each time it happens, if only to make life easier on the mods and us rubberneckers :wink:

Ah. You already did.

Preview is my friend, preview is my friend…

Okay. Will do.

I dunno, Lib, you confuse me, its like you got some kind of case of bi-polar political disorder. One day, you’re on about how GeeDubya is a tyrant and a grave threat to the nation’s future, next you’re ragging on Kerry. Most of us political wonks have a point of view, you seem to have at least two.

As to friend Demo, yes, it seems you have developed a relationship of warm and cordial enmity. But we must be mindful that he is a self-admitted Aussie, candor such as this is refreshing and is worthy of generous consideraton. Usually such exposure comes from an inadvertent revelation, like a reference to dining on kangaroo giblets, or a fondness for sheep that some narrow-minded persons regard as “unnatural”.

Such a direct and immediate admission might be part of some national 12-step program…

“My name is Demo, and I’m an Australian…”

“Good on ya, Demo!…”

This just reminded me of the old cartoon where the sheep dog and wolf show up for work, punch in, and the wolf spends the day trying to catch a sheep while the dog spends the day stopping him. At the end of the day, the wolf is pretty beat up, and as they punch out, they have a little conversation:

Dog: Good night, Ralph.
Wolf: See ya, George.
Dog: Say, Ralph, you look a little beat. How about you take tomorrow off? I can cover both jobs.

Well there’s a perfect example of the partisanship and polarization of US politics. Why should criticising one politician preclude criticism of another of a different stripe? They’re not mutually exclusive you know. Especially if you’ve got political views that aren’t part of the mainstream, as Lib does. I find his harshness reasonably balanced.

Sam. Dog’s name is Sam. A little respect for the Classics, if you don’t mind.

OK. That’s different.

Carry on.


I thought Demo was from Santa Rosa.

So, where is Desmostylus anyway? Here’s a shiny new arena, sand nicely dragged and ready to receive the blood, the stands full of spectators ready to cheer and fling peanuts, his opponent ready to do battle…

And no Desmo.

Can’t say I’m surprised. When I opened my Pit thread taking them to task for unseemly, incessant hijackiful brawling, Lib showed up, acknowledged the validity of the criticism, and sought advice on how to change course.

Desmo never made an appearance there. I doubt he will in this thread, either. It’s so much easier to let loose a cheap shot, then run away when he’s called on it.

Gutless, I call it.

I know, from reading about Ducati motorcycles, what desmodromic is about. Wait a sec, and I’ll go look up Desmostylus. Nope. There was a lot of desmo-this and desmo-that in my 12 pound dictionary, but no desmostylus. Desmo may have explained it somewhere, but I missed it.

Some of us have the same problem. Like me, for instance.

I am not a Democratic supporter by any stretch of the imagination. I used to be a Bush supporter, but that is no longer the case. So while I think that Kerry is a pinhead he has my vote. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be voting for him holding my nose.

Sometimes the Republicans get it right. Other times the Democrats get it right. I reserve the right to state my opinion be it good or bad about either party. That’s not bi-polar, that’s rational thinking. It’s either that or I could be a lemming like the vast majority of the political posters here.

(Opens folder marked “Unintentionally Revealing and Funny.”)