Desperado joke - do you know it? - spoiler

Quintens’s character tells a joke when they enter the bar . it was real good. but the TV version cuts it out. do you remember the joke?

It was along the lines of;

A guy walks up to a bar and orders a beer, gets talking to the barman and eventually offers a bet.

“I bet you $500 I can piss in that glass waaaaay over there and not spill a single drop”

The barman looks at the glass, estimates it to be a good 20 feet away and says

“Friend, you got yourself a bet”

So the stranger turns toward the glass, whips out his pecker, takes carefull aim and…


The guy is pissing everywhere but the glass. He’s pissing on the bar, on the tables, on the barman, but not a drop goes in the glass.

“You idiot” says the barman. “You owe me $500”

“One minute” says the stranger, walks over to the pool table where he talks to the guys playing, comes back over and slaps $500 on the bar with a big grin all over his face.

“What the hell are you smiling about?” gloats the barman. “You just lost £500 jackass.”

The stranger just keeps smiling and says “I bet those guys over there £1000 a piece that I could piss on your bar, piss on your tables and piss on you. And not only would you not be mad, you’d be happy.”



it is one of my favorite movies. its the kind of movie that you feel bad about watching. like a segal movie. but its just intertainment. I have to catch it everytime its on TV. guess I will have to buy it so I can see the whole Quinten scene.

that is a good joke. and it is told well in the movie(and by you)

It’s worth pointing out here that aspiring filmmakers have the best possible deal thanks to Robert Rodriquez.

For under forty bucks you can buy Desperado and El Mariachi (the original from which Desperado was remade) on the same DVD. Furthermore, El Mariachi comes with Rodriguez’ commentary, which goes into excruciating detail about how to make a brilliant film for seven thousand dollars, half of that in film stock.

It’s one of the best deals going in DVD.

What SoftKing said. My favorite bit of Rodriguez commentary is right at the beginning when the Columbia logo comes on screen. It goes something like, “There’s the big,bright logo. Probably cost way more than our entire movie.”

Fun stuff.