Desperate Housewives 1/22

Wow! Complete turn-around from last week. They had me at, “Question: Is there a Black man under your bed?”

What’s the deal with this promotion that Lynette and Tom were talking about and vowed never to mention again? Has it been bought up before?

The cat fight at the church could have used more torn clothing, but good enough.

Yeah, this episode was a bit more like it.

Betty Applewhite vs Bree is a bit more interesting than the Bree becomes an alcoholic storyline.

I don’t like Gabrielle much but I really hate that nun and I was glad that the nun was the one who lost control and started the fight.

Susan wasn’t a complete dolt in this one.

Lynette didn’t try any tricks or manipulations to keep Tom from getting the job.

I even liked Edie’s way of winning control of the TV.

Someone else will have better info, but Lynnette didn’t want Tom to get a promotion at his last job because he would have had to travel, and she was overwhelmed at home. She scuttled the promotion, but I don’t remember exactly how. I think she talked to his boss.

I liked everyone this week. Entertaining ep, and some more character development too. Or character firming up. Something. It just feels like I know them a bit better.

Danielle’s a spoiled little bitch.

Bree continues to be stupid. You don’t tell your teenaged daughter you’re about to rat out her lover’s mother. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

Carlos continues to be such an insensitive creep. Um Dude, your wife just had a miscarriage. Don’t ride her about children until she’s had time to truly deal with the emotional fallout. And don’t bring up annulment unless you’re serious. That’s very creepy.

IIRC, Tom was in line for a promotion to VP of his company. The promotion would have necessitated Tom’s travelling extensively, which Lynette didn’t want. At the same time, the woman who Tom left to marry Lynette returned to work at the same firm as Tom. Lynette felt threatened by her, so she manipulated Tom’s boss into giving the promotion to the old flame instead of Tom. This is what led Tom to quit and force Lynette to go back to work.

Don’t forget. Carlos sabotaged her birth control pills to get her pregnant. Quite frankly, I hope they stay together. That way there’s only two people miserable instead of four.

Loved Edie tying Karl up in the beginning so she could watch her movie. That’s totally something I would do. :wink:

Also, loved Gabrielle lying in the confessional, then immediately going back in (with a different priest) to confess. So true to her character.

Well, except for using her inside knowledge to bring up every negative item on his resume. It just didn’t work as well as she hoped.

But she did show unheard-of (for her) humanity and honest feeling at the end…although she did manage to turn it into a quid-pro-quo somehow – I won’t be a raving loony, if you promise to forgive me.

I have to wonder how that works. The priest hears something in confession, then acts on it outside of confession. Do nuns have any right to appeal transfers? If so, how can the priest justify his decision without breaking the seal of confession?

Also, I want clothes made out of the same fabric as Sister Mary Renee Zellwegger’s blouse. Apparently you can set them on fire and they won’t show any burn marks.

Danielle? Is an idiot. How close exactly can she have gotten to not-Caleb in the 20 minutes they’ve spent together, that she would spill the big family secret like that? I wonder if she realizes that, since she knows about it and isn’t speaking up, she’s in line for a jail term too if the shit hits the fan.

But, Gabby used the Jesus Saves banner! IT’S A MIRACLE!!!

I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one thinking the actress who plays the nun is doing a Zellwegger impression.

I lifted the description from the Television Without Pity boards, I must confess.

No, you’re not.

I think she’s a dead ringer for that very young country singer who had a hit a few years back with a remake of Blue. I’d look at Google for a picture, but all I know is “Blue” and “country singer”, which would probably bring up a gazillion hits.

LeAnn Rimes.

I still think she looks like the nanny from Growing Pains, Julie McCullough.

She wasn’t saying confession (a sacrment with a certain format and elements), she just happened to be having her conversation in the confessional. And no, if it had been confession, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. True confession tends to be a little more anonymous than that anyway, so he wouldn’t know to keep an eye on the nun!

I think it’s fair for Carlos to express his desire to someday have kids. And if she misled him at their marriage about a willingness to have kids, that could be grounds for an annulment. Not to mention that practicing Catholics should be open to fertility to begin with.

I had kind of assumed it was Julie McCullough playing the part of the nun.

I suppose it goes without saying that the truth about the Applewhites and the truth about Andrew and Carlos’s mother will come out sooner or later–most likely during sweeps. It’s a double powder keg they’re sitting on.

  There's better stuff happening now, and more of it.   Hope they keep it coming.

I’m fairly sure that Gabrielle repeatedly stated she did not want children when they married.

Her pregnancy was only because he screwed around with her birth control pills.

Not being Catholic my familiarity with the ritual is gleaned from varios representations of it in movies and TV programs, but the priest led off the conversation with “how long has it been since your last confession?” which leads me to believe that even absent any other formalized ritual, the priest considered it to be a confession. Given that when Gabby returned to the bow with the other priest and that when asked that time when her last confession was she said something like “not that long ago” that leads me to think that she considered it to be a confession as well.