Desperate Housewives 12/2

A big tornado hits Wisteria Lane tonight. A friend of mine claims that three people are going to die. Assuming that’s true…who?

I haven’t really been following the show but I decided to watch tonight and just about everything so far has been telegraphed, especially the stuff with Lynette and she’s really pissing me off.

I can’t believe Lynette tried to put the cat upstairs. I understand about her husband, but it’s also not fair to the cat. Lynette forced Mrs. McClusky into letting her into the basement, and then tried to kick out an invited guest? Not cool.

So, three people dying? The Mayor, The Crazy Lady from Chicago, and …who? one of the Scavos trapped under that rubble?

And “Mary Alice” said everyone would lose a friend… that must be third person…

Tom, Carlos?

Maybe Carlos? He seemed pretty exposed there. Plus, then we might get to see even more humanness from Gabby, as she mourns the man she’s finally realized she should still be with.

I’m not spoilering, if you didn’t watch the episode then don’t read this.

Doesn’t the mayor qualify as the husband who Mary Alice said would be lost, he and Gabby were still married right? It couldn’t be Tom because then that would be two husbands. No one likes Lynette’s brats so they don’t qualify as anyone’s friends. Carlos could qualify as the friend or it could be an underhanded explanation like Adam has to move away because his wife dumps him, wasn’t he pretty friendly with everyone? Or it could be Ida, did they make a point of showing everyone having some friendly sort of discourse with Ida before this episode?

Oh yeah, I hope the cat’s okay …

and it bites Lynette.

The lost husband is Victor.

Would they give a narcotic to a pregnant woman? And do they normally prescribe hydrocodone for a twisted ankle? Susan seemed to be moving around okay, no hobbling.

I live in hurricane country, so I was a bit :dubious: with the tornado watches and warnings. Is it normal to batten down the hatches for a tornado watch? You don’t normally have four hours warning that a tornado will definitely hit, do you?

How come the Scavos don’t have a basement? They seem to live in a cookie cutter community…wouldn’t all the houses have similar plans?

Well, Bree didn’t and it seemed Edie only had a crawl space, so who knows. I found it odd that in the Midwest in an affluent community they didn’t have basements at all- especially if it’s tornado country!

All said, Lynette’s reaction at the end was bone chilling and very upsetting.

They had her ankle immobilized in some kind of temporary cast thing. I doubt they would have prescribed that for her though.

I have never seen people use tape on their windows for a tornado watch or warning. That seemed very “hurricane-like” to me.

I thought they said it was a “tornado watch”, which could be 4 hours long since that is just “favorable conditions”. You only have a warning when there is a siting of a funnel cloud in the area of the warning. Four hours for a warning would imply a very slow moving tornado. By the time they saw the thing in the sky, a warning should have been issued.

Yeah - that seemed to be the plot device to get people into places outside their homes.

I think it’s pretty clear that none of the writers have ever actually lived through a tornado. It is nothing like it was presented on the show. First of all, you ALWAYS get thunderstorms with tornadoes because they are both the result of two fronts (cold and warm) colliding. When a tornado forms, it’s as if a vacuum has sucked the life out of the storm. There’s suddenly an eerie calm and the sun might even start shining again. Then you notice a greenish cast in the atmosphere. If you’ve ever seen it, you’ll never forget it. Nor will ever forget the sound as the tornado approaches, like a locomotive barreling up on you.

And, no, you don’t board up your windows, even for tornado WARNINGs. We get warnings once or twice a year but very rarely are ever affected. Even if a tornado were to hit your house, boarding up your windows would be akin to putting a bandaid on a severe hemorrhage. The house pretty much explodes. If your house is near the tornado but not directly in its path, you might lose roof tiles or you might get no damage at all. Tornadoes are very destructive but also very concentrated; it’s not uncommon for one house to be standing intact within feet of another house that’s been leveled.

Re the cat. I’m a big animal lover, but there is no competition between a human being and an animal. The cat (or dog) would get tossed upstairs without a second thought. And if the cat got loose with a tornado was on its way, well I’d wish it godspeed and haul my ass back down to the basement.

I would have put the cat somewhere else as well, rather than have Tom suffer an asthma attack.
Still, Lynnette was being a real beeyotch.

Okay, so the mayor is dead and the crazy lady got swept away, but is Carlos dead? Or maybe Tom’s older daughter? Or Ida?

Tom’s asthma was rather convenient wasn’t it? Has anyone ever seen any mention of him having asthma before? If it’s so bad why didn’t he have an inhaler with him?
Also, he gets a look like he’s smelling something bad, says he has asthma and cats set it off. Okay, I could buy an allergy setting off asthma but not that cats specifically set off asthma. I never heard him cough or sneeze either.

Oh, I know the whole human life versus animal life argument but Lynette invited, no bullied, herself to that basement then demands an invited guest get tossed out. Sure it’s just a cat but it was invited. They would have had plenty of time to leave and find another shelter. For that matter Tom said he would just keep away from the cat but drama queen Lynette can’t watch him suffocate. Was he suffocating? I must have missed those scenes because I never even saw him cough. An inhaler might have helped if he was having trouble breathing. If he was allergic some Benadryl might have been helpful, too.

It was typical Lynette, she uses Mrs. McCloskey just like Mrs. McC said, then when she doesn’t get her way she does something underhanded and sneaky so she does get her way. She said she’d make sure her kids behaved and they run screaming and hollering into the basement and one proceeds to bang on the hot water heater and she doesn’t even notice?! Okay, so parents tune things out but she had promised to keep her kids in line and she doesn’t even notice all the noise? She doesn’t get her way about the cat so she gives the little one back the spoon so she can go make more noise. Then she waits until it’s quiet and sneaks the cat out.

I suppose what we will see is that all the Scavos will be fine, Ida will be dead and Mrs. McC will need a place to live and kind, generous, thoughtful Lynette will take her in and expect her to watch her little brats 24/7 but she will complain about every little foible. Some miniscule habit of Mrs. McC’s will eventually annoy Lynette to the point where she will kick her out on the street and force her to live in the rubble of her home but that’s okay because Lynette and her family should never be inconvenienced. Meanwhile Edie takes in the cat and decides cats are better than men and starts on her new path of crazy cat lady. And Edie becomes even more likeable than Lynette.

I’ve been watching the show since the beginning (OK, I started in the middle, but backtracked via DVDs), and I must say this is the most illogical (read: stupid) episode I’ve seen from a plot-device standpoint. Have they run out of pre-strike scripts and are now winging it?

As already mentioned, the whole storm device is simply crazy: tornado warnings aren’t like that in any way; hurricane warnings are, but the liklihood of a strong hurricane in the midwest US is very remote.

Secondly, what - nobody calls the cops in this town? A an obviously-imbalanced stranger has barricaded themselves in my house and I don’t call the cops? A guy assaults a security guard in the hospital ER and they don’t call the cops? These offend my sense of reality, both as a viewer and a cop.

Finally, Lynette was always one of the saner ones on the show (my exception: when she freaked out when their pizzeria chef admitted he liked her), but they’ve got her going loony-tunes with the basement storyline…she’s actually changing personalities while we watch!

I’m all for plot-twists and expendable characters, but this episode was just nutty…and not in a good way.

Horrible ep. My daughter (15 yrs. old) & I have enjoyed watching it together. But last night she declared that Susan & Lynette were just too stupid and she didn’t want to watch anymore. I can’t blame her.

I read that this was meant to be a one week cliffhanger that turned into an indefinite cliffhanger due to the strike.

I thought it was a great epidose. I’m not sure why I’m so far afield from the rest of you, but I always look at DH as a farce dark comedy, rather than a straight soap opera. I don’t look for plot devices to make perfect sense. In fact, I look for things to seem like they are taking place in some parallel universe where just a thing here and there is slightly different enough that, over time and space, large and interesting contradictions emerge.

It might have been, if they didn’t show it 100 times the week before in previews. Lame.

I don’t normally watch this show, but my wife likes it, so I’ve seen a few, including this one. I agree with pretty much everyone here that it was ridiculous and completely shattered any disbelief one might have suspended.

Crazy lady getting sucked out the door by the tornado? Could that possibly have been more contrived? I seriously doubt it…

count me in as another one who was NOT happy with this ep OR with lynette. shoulda HEARD the things the dive master and i were yelling at the tv!
bitch got on my last nerve!

among other things i totally agree with the assessment that whoever wrote that disaster (pun fully intended) had never been near bad weather in the midwest or even have a clue how a tornado behaves.

i speak with experience (two times!!) that it sure doesn’t take one all damn day to hit once you’ve seen the funnel, fer cryinoutloud!!! **raza ** is right: it all played out like a hurricane instead of a tornado. no, you don’t board or tape windows - you don’t even open them to minimize the pressure change like some old wive’s tale used to instruct. like somebody’s already said: if the funnel is near enough, your house will simply disintegrate.

and i’m seriously pissed off at lynette. for the first time i actively dislike the character (note i said character, not actress. what’s her name is very good).

sorry folks, but in our household our cats are our family. nobody is gonna toss my cats out into a storm like that. not and hang on to all of their body parts.

heh. despite my personal ire, i gotta wonder how many animal-rights activists are going to take that storyline and run with it between now and next season.
mr. cherry may be in for some seriously-hot water! and i hope the cat *does * bite her!

i agree with **raza ** that the not calling the police in both cases was a tad far-fetched, but i suppose i can suspend disbelief in that maybe (and i mean maybe) the local constabulary was a bit preoccupied with The Storm, rather than taking public calls.

and again, this feels more like hurricane than tornado. hurricanes go on forever and ever. tornados do their thing quickly by comparison and then either move on, or dissipate. all in all, a very disappointing ep.

although the mayor died good. :stuck_out_tongue:

It didn’t help that tornadoes are my worst phobia. When we lived in St. Louis I used to worry all th time about what I would do to protect my family (not that we ever had a tornado, but still…)

The scene really hit a nerve for me.

People can die because of asthma. It’s nothing to kid around with. And I’m really surprised that anyone would, in all seriousness, say that they’d keep the cat in the basement if a human being, hell bitch or not, was in jeopardy of actually dying if the cat stayed. My dog is part of the family, too, but if it came down to it, he’s last on the list. Sorry, Buddy the Beagle.

Of course, the whole plot was completely contrived and ridiculous and Lynette was acting like a hell bitch, which didn’t help her cause. And who wants to bet me that despite the fact that he’s currently buried underneath all that rubble Tom’s asthma won’t even be mentioned again?