Desperate Housewives 10/5

“We’re so happy you’re so happy”…I believe that’s the title of this ep., but I didn’t bother to find out anything further.

Till later…

I missed the thread last week. Did anyone mention the fact that only the males aged in the last 5 years?

Lynnette’s story lines just give me the creeps!

“Love, Mom”. Great googley-moogley!! :eek:

Does anyone else watch these episodes on I’ve found the sound to be really messed up…is it just me, or are the problems on abc’s end?

I’m liking the men far better than the women this season so far.

Orson went to prison for Bree and now she treats him like dirt.

Carlos seems to understand happiness far better than Gabby.

Mike isn’t a bitter creep and actually expresses rational concerns.

Tom demonstrated much better parenting skills than Lynette last night.

It’s like they finally decided to write male characters that aren’t morons.

so what happened to lynette’s daughter–the little one–i think her name was penny?

Penny is somewhere in the house. She must be about 8 years old by now.

“He’s already rubbed too many members” probably shouldn’t have made me laugh so hard, but it did.

Good acting job from Marcia C. in that last scene where she’s worn out but must cook the promised pot roast.

I liked the way they showed the more extended versions of the little scenes at the end.

Anybody who would kitty-nap a cat and hold it for emotional ransom is beyond creepy.

My DVR didn’t record it!! WTF?

That’s a Sondheim quote, from the beginning of the second act of Into the Woods, sung moments before everything turns to shit.

I hate Lynette. Nothing new there. Is there a low to which she won’t sink? Is she still wearing a wig? It looks like it.

I hate Gabby, and her chubby kids. That’s mostly not new.

I hate Susan. God, she could screw up breathing. The little boy is cute, though.

I hate Bree, but not quite as much as the other three. Don’t play the abused wife thing either. You promised pot roast, he demanded it, but it’s not like it was under threat of violence or anything. Quit your crying. Let’s see, he spent five years in prison for you. You promised him a pot roast. Let’s not forget you’re Mrs. NRA too. You’ve probably got a handgun strapped to your leg anyway. He should have just made the pot roast himself though. I remember he seemed to be a good cook too. Then he should have packed his bags and left the pot roast on the table.

Go Mrs. McCluskey!

This season is shaping up nicely! :smiley:

The infusion of new characters was much needed, and the poor husbands are being treated with a little sympathy. At least for now.

They need to get the gay couple more involved, since they bothered to bring them back.

The pot roast thing was bullshit. Be pissed the next day, fine, but let the poor woman go to bed you immature creepy slimeball. She didn’t intentionally screw you out of your stupid pot roast.

It’s not the pot roast. He went to prison for five years to redeem himself in her eyes and she’s still basically denying he’s even her husband.

It wasn’t the pot roast.

What she ought to do is kick him out again, if that’s how she feels. She decided to make the pot roast instead.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not about the pot roast. The woman just worked her ass off all day and is so tired she can barely stand up. Let her go to bed and deal with it tomorrow.