Desperate Housewives 11/29 Would I think of suicide?

Gaby is upset over Lynnette’s pregnancy, while Bree and Carl find it much harder to hide their affair. Also, Drea deMatteo’s character wants to leave the lane behind.

I ALWAYS open the DH threads because there is a (slight to very minor) chance that Marcia Cross got nekkid, it has not happened yet but I’m still young(ish).


She was once shown in her bra and slip. She’s scary-bony-skinny, though.

Shown in her bra and slip once? Wow! This sounds like the kid in the book The Last Picture Show, in the 50’s, who steals a movie poster of middle-aged Ginger Rogers because … she was wearing a slip! Racy!

I’m finding DH kind of bland and tiresome this season. Bree is looking gaunt and OLD, she needs some lipstick, stat. And that awful passing-through blond woman, Drea DiMatteo (sp?) - I wish I could bitchslap her and make her put on a damn hairnet! There’s always one great moment or line per episode, though. Last night, Gabby gave Mrs. McKluskey the box of candy:

“Karen! Here!”
“I’m trying to cut down, Gabby.”
“At your age, what does it matter???”: