Desperate Housewives season 5 premiere

So, the search feature isn’t working for me again, but I looked and didn’t see a thread for Desperate Housewives anywhere.

It seems that the five-year jump from the season finale is the real deal, taking a page from One Tree Hill’s playbook. Hopefully it will work just as well. In 24 minutes we’ll find out!

Personally, I liked it. It doesn’t seem to be as funny as in times past, but It sucked me in about as much as usual.

I agree. I have been fairly disenchanted with t.v this fall. The shows I usually enjoy (Survivor, Dancing with the Stars) have exceeded their shelf life. DH went through a slump and is now back in good form. FFwding 5 years was a creative way to keep the storyline interesting.

Edie’s husband is a great actor. He seriously gives me the creeps.

Mike and Susan have broken up. Awww. Susan, for once, didn’t annoy me.

Gabby and Carlos and Juanita and Maria (?) crack me up. I do kinda feel bad for the little chubby actresses who play their kids because the writers are kind of brutal.

And Mrs. McCluskey is still around. Sweet!

I wonder if the writers relished the opportunity to dispose of particularly dead-end and ill-conceived story lines – like Bree raising a baby. 30 second flashback; daughter & baby gone. Spit spot; done; like it never happened.

I was hoping Mike was really dead. I am seriously tired of Mike & Susan.

I believe the twins are played by the same actors as in all the previous seasons…if true, were they not in last season at all? Or did they go through a freakish growth spurt. And notice their reference to “our sons”? Uh…didn’t they have a daughter (Penny), too? And another son?

And as usual, Gaby gets all the best lines.

This season they’re being played by Charles and Max Carver, who are teenagers. Before that, they were played by Shane and Brent Kinsman, who are 11. This season, Parker is being played by Joshua Moore and Penny by Kendall Applegate.

Aha. I saw the Kinsman’s in the credits – must’ve just been related to their cameo in the opening segment.

I like the way they jumped five years ahead without us having to watch Gabi’s pregnancies, Mike and Susan’s breakdown, Bree and Kathryn’s catering business, and the Scavo spawn wreaking ever more havoc.
I still wonder if Kayla is going to show up and add her particular brand of evil at some point.

Edie’s new hubby is fantastically creepy. Great casting there.

Neal McDonough is also rather yummy.

He’s also a series killer, though. Remember Boomtown? Medical Investigation? Traveler? He also had cameos on The X-Files and Third Watch, and they were both cancelled within months. His presence on the show makes me a little nervous…