Desperately needed: quasi fantasy cityscapes

:frowning: Help! I need some pictures of fantasy cityscapes (OK, it doesn’t have to be too fantasy, just epic-looking and well-drawn) and landscapes. Please tel me where to go, I can’t seemto find any good ones!!

With the power of my mind I will send a crunchy cookie (or fresh-baked soft cookie) to whomever helps me out!*

*Cookie not guaranteed to be physically present.

Try Boris Vallejo’s work for ideas. Disclaimer: Many of his pieces have nude or nearly nude fantastic people, if this might offend, please disregard. :slight_smile:

Well, those seem focused too much on the women. I need some that look like nice scenery. Thank you, though.

Check out Digital Blasphemy, Mike Bonnell, Cognitive Distortion, and Visionary Places – all have some great free images that might suit your needs, especially the first two. :slight_smile:

Dan kyuu bery bery mudje!