Deuce = poop. Why?

Seems like radio station disk jockeys have recently, en masse, starting using the term “pop a deuce” or “leave a deuce” for having a bowel movement. Where did this term originate, and how did it catch on so fast in radioland?

Presumably a “deuce” comes from the fact that many people refer to our solid waste as “Number 2”. Liquid waste is “Number 1”

“Deuce” sounds hip without being scatalogical.


I’ve heard the term for awhile now. I don’t think it’s that new.

My guess - it’s called “going number two”, right? Deux is two in French. Thus “pop a [number] two” etc.

Am I the only one who saw elmwood’s Thread Title and thought of the Beach Boys?
*Well I’m not feelin’ well, I gotta sit down
I’ve got the fastest acting bowels in town
This might be TMI but I’m telling you, man
I think it’s time that I should cut back on the bran

It’s my little DUECE POOP
You don’t know what I ate
(My little deuce poop)
(You don’t know what I ate)

Posh folk are often depicted crying “What the deuce…?” as a sort of an archaic, gentrified “wtf”. In that case, is it referring to poop, or to some other meaning?

Euphemism for “What the devil…?”, from an era where pianos had limbs because a proper person would not say such a sexually charged word as “legs.”

I can’t believe you said both of those.

:: immediately swoons dead away ::

I’m reading Two Years Before the Mast, about Richard Henry Dana, Jr’s voyage that started in 1834. I’ve noticed that he writes “d___l” for “devil”.

G_d forbid if anyone mentiones the name of the d___l! Imagine how Mrs. , who lives in B would react. She’d probably s___!


But now I’m sure we all have that tune in our heads. Thanks, man.