Deus Ex 2: please tell me that what they say ain't true.

I have not been able to play the demo yet, as it requires that you have a video card capable of 1.1 shading effects (I am waiting to but a new video card when HL2 and D3 come out as well), but what I am hearing from people about the game really makes me worry. It sounds like they have just made a console game and ported it to the PC. They say that it is dumbed down (i.e., there are no different types of ammunition, the same bullets for all guns), the controls are clunky, and the graphics are all set for a low resolution television.

But aside from that, the most important is that there is no locational damage.



That is an indisputably integral part of DX! Getting that head shot for a silent kill, or slowly sneaking up on someone so you can get them with the prod just right. Getting zapped in the arms so that your aim is crappy, getting hit in the head so that your aim is crappy and your vision is blurry. Loosing a leg, so that you can only crawl.

Without locational damage the nonleathal weapons become pretty much useless and you are reduced in the game to either full guns-a-blazin or mind-numbing complete “Thief” sneaking.

I doubt I will now purchase the game.

Sounds like fanboy whining to me (not you the people saying these things)

Any ‘credible’ websites reporting this or just forums?

Plus it’s a DEMO I’ve yet to play a demo that didn’t suck. Even for games I later loved.

The demo is terrible.

What makes a website more credible than “just” forums? A published website article written by one guy or hundreds of pissed off gamers?

I’ve played plenty of demos that haven’t sucked. Many of those not sucked to a degree that I decided to buy the game based on my demo experience.

DX2?..definitely hold out for the reviews on this one.

Yeah, I heard about the single use ammo thing. Supposedly, the developers did it to streamline gameplay; personally I’m not too fussed over it.

It really surprises me about the lack of locational damage. You can blame the co-op X-Box development team for that stoke of genius :rolleyes: Also surprised they took out the skill point allocation.

It’s games like this that really get my blood boiling when they say ‘released on multiple platforms’

heh ‘just forums’ b/c if I paid attention to them I’d think Alpha Centauri was the worst game ever.

Blizzard is the devil incarnate

Ghost Recon isn’t very realistic and certainly isn’t a good game.

Hitman 2/Homeworld 2 are such crap compared to the original that they aren’t even good as coasters.

GalCiv is actually quite good though. One time the forums were right.

Other then that you do have a good point if everyone is saying it’s bad.

Aye, there’s a lot that’s different from the first game. Much of it is, in fact, streamlined–interface, design, ammo, etc. I don’t think the demo was all that bad, except for its relatively short length (remember, the original DX’s demo was the entire Liberty Island level.) From the reviewers who have fooled with the full game–I think the article I read was over at Gamespy–I believe that the game will live up to the original.
It’s different, yes, and you can tell that it was meant to be a cross-platform game, but it’s not bad. I think the demo was meant more for 1) people to see if their system can handle it, and 2) for people who haven’t played the original, so that they can see the differing ways to solve problems.

I recall really liking the first Deus Ex in spite of a slew of individually awful design elements. Highly trained secret agent unable to hold a rifle steady for more than a tenth of a second, the fact that if you shot someone in the head who knew you were shooting at him, it did less damage than if you shot them in the head while they didn’t know you were shooting, etc.

I haven’t played the demo on 2 yet, but I’m keeping that factor of the original game in mind. From all the forum bitchings, it really sounds like most others aren’t.

Well. Guess I’m not too disappointed that my video card has the same deficiency that Muad’Dib’s has.

I’m not impressed. Most irritating are these little gray pixelations that appear on things: looks like a graphics glitch, so maybe it’s not entirely their fault. I thought the game would LOOK more impressive than it does. But doorknobs are squares, and everything looks grainy. I don’t get it.

It definately falls pray to an “Xbox-port” problem, however much they deny it. Objects are not draggable in the invetory screen: unforgivable for a PC game. The interface just feels clunky for someone use to having the freedom of a mouse.

That said, I really like having physics in games (though at the moment it’s more gimicky than a major gameplay element, something I hope HL2 can change), and I’ll buy it for the story even if it dos blow. I need SOME good FPS game this season, other than the far too short Max Payne 2.

And… the crouch button seems to be a toggle, making standrd FPS movements a real pain int he butt.

Yeah the 14 year olds are in an uproar. Then again, they always are. I have given up on 95% of those forums as worthless for anything other then early warning of major bugs in a game.

The professional reviews who have actual copies to review have liked it.

I have the Demo, and have played it.

Note 1. You must update to Catalyst 3.9 drivers for your ATI card. Also Nvidia users need to update their drivers as well (see the README).

Note 2. Its short, but there are many ways of playing it, and many little ways of exploring/expoiting the bar and apartments.

Note 3. The fighting seems a bit off, but the nanotech is fun- especially the corpse melting power-up. Graphics are not stunning, but good.

Note 4. It crashed on launch once- but otherwise was stable.

Note 5. It made 2 hours go “poof”, after I got used to the interface and inventory system.

Note 6. The stupid skills system is gone – yeah! No more spending 1/2 the game being an incredibly poor shot. Rather the emphysis in on controlling your inventory and bio-mods. And stealing everything that is not tied down. “Free Multi-tool-- yoink!”

Note 7. Green Dragon is eaaaaaaasssssy money. Also, multi-tools and hacking skills are going to be important.

Note 8. The Flamethrower sucks now, but the pistol is downright handy- especially the glassbreaking feature.

Note 9. There really are 3 ways to achieve every goal. Of course, I always go for the “Max Power” way- but that’s just me.

Note 10. I just put in my pre-order for the game.


Replayed the demo last night- took a totally different approach and cleaned house. Boy were the guard’s surprised when their own turret started mowing them down. Hacking power!

More evidence on what the actual professional reviews are saying: