Deviled Eggs

I love deviled eggs and have decided to make some for our group for Thanksgiving. I’ve made them several times and have never used a recipe, just boil the eggs, cut them in half, mix the yolks with mayo and mustard, refill the halves and sprinkle with paprika.

I want to kick them up a bit this year. I like spicy so thought maybe adding some hot sauce, cayenne, or maybe even some chopped jalapenos. Other directions would be considered… they don’t have to be hot, maybe bacon crumbles and onions. Smoked salmon and capers sounds interesting but I’m not sure if it would work with the mustard/mayo or not.

So, even though I know I could probably find 30 some threads started just on this board, does anyone have some suggestions on what would be good to make these just a bit more memorable than the standard?

Add a bit of cider vinegar to the yolks. Bacon definitely works, as does a bit of cayenne in the mix.

I like to add smoked paprika, and a spoonful of pickle juice. I’m kind of a purist, though.

I put onion in the yolk.

Definitely cider vinegar. And for the mustard use Colman’s English mustard powder.

Some nice horseradish in the yolk mixture is very tasty.

Use verjuice, rather than vinegar (this is my suggestion to nearly anything involving vinegar, BTW).
Use wasabi rather than mustard.
Add just a drop of fish sauce or Worcestershire sauce.
Add ground cumin.

These suggestions are separate, don’t do them all together :slight_smile:

You can try anchovies mixed in, if that floats your boat. Maybe some capers.

I use capers in my mix, and top two or three with a piece of anchovy, marking those as mine.

I like to drop a very thin slice of celery into the halved eggs before filling with the yolk mix. It gives a very nice little crunch to them IMHO.

If you want to go fancy, top each one with a halved olive, jalapeno slice, cheese cube or bit of bacon.

I use pickle relish in my yolk mixture.

And when I have to take deviled eggs somewhere, I have the whites in a container and the yolk mixture in a zip bag. When I arrive, I clip the corner of the bag and squeeze out the filling. You’re welcome! :smiley:

Mix sweet pickle relish with the yolks, mayo, and mustard. Other than that, don’t change anything.

Use the basic recipe, but go nuts with the garnish on top. Decorate with (filled)slices of olives, thin strips of tomato or pepper, green twigs of parsley, capers, rolls of anchovy…these look wonderful together and it is so easy and so fast to make.

I like to mix the egg yolks with hummus instead of mayo – garnish with paprika and maybe a bit of chive or slice of olive.

Giardiniera relish should give it a little heat and tang.
Consider using both sweet and dill pickle relish.
I also like capers with deviled eggs.

This is not at all traditional, but some of the best deviled eggs I’ve made were made with Soy Sauce Eggs. The yolk mixture was yolks, mayo, sriracha, red onion, and white miso. I garnish them with a slice of julliened quick-pickled carrot and chives. Probably would be good with pickled mustard seeds as well.

This thread reminds me that the next time I make deviled eggs, I intend to make deviled egg chicks. Whether it’s Easter or not is immaterial.

I’ll tuck some bits of anchovy down into the “cups” before filling with the yolk mixture, or maybe some salty smoked salmon.

I would say the easiest way to “spice” them up is to use cayenne or some other form of pepper.

I would say the easiest way to make them have more intense flavor is to add something like a vinegar, which is already present in the mayo.

Speaking of the mayo, USE DUKE’S (if you can)!! I can’t abide sweet-tasting deviled eggs.

My go-to variation is to stuff the eggs with baby shrimp mixed with a little mayo and a buttload of prepared horseradish.

That sounds really great! I assume you MINCE the giardiniera before you stir it into the yolks?