To The Devil-An Egg

I am looking for the perfect deviled egg recipe.

That would depend on what you like, I’m afraid. There have been other threads about this, as I dimly recall, so you might try a search in that direction. For me, I keep it simple:

1 dozen eggs, hard boiled, cooled, halved and gutted.
Mix the yolks with:

2 capsful of cider vinegar
mayo (enough to make the filling creamy)
salt to taste

Sprinkle with smoked paprika for garnish.

I’ve had good deviled eggs made in a variety of ways, but my favorite uses mustard instead of the mayo, and vinegar only as needed depending on the mustard mix that was used (I like a light brown mustard like Gulden’s for this). I also recommend smoked paprika for garnish. (Or fine ground cayenne pepper if you’re hardcore.)

Proportions dependent on taste and the size of the eggs, but generally add enough mustard to the crushed yolks to get a consistency that’ll still mound up a bit and hold its shape when spooned into the whites (which should be halved longitudinally).

This is going to make the foodies run away screaming, but it’s my Mom’s recipe, and she makes the best deviled eggs ever, and I’ll fishthwack anyone who says different.

Hardboiled eggs
A splash or two of white vinegar
A spoonful or so of Miracle Whip
Something between a dash and a sprinkle of sugar.

What sucks is she doesn’t have any measurements. She’s made them the same way for 50 some-odd years and she just throws it all in and mixes it up and it’s awesome. I’ve tried and tried to replicate her results but mine never taste as good.

For the recipes with mustard-regular or powdered?

Powdered, for me, and a little horseradish.

Curry powder and mayonnaise.

Whatever recipe you go with, try to find Medium sized eggs to devil. The smaller size makes them easier to eat.

I like added finely chopped bread and butter pickles, mayo and a squirch of mustard. Paprika dusted on top of course.

My grandma always added deviled ham. I think she thought that was the way it was supposed to be. Never cared for them that way.

Mayo, cider vinegar, bread and butter pickle relish, a tiny dusting of sambhar (sp?) curry powder (warm but not hot) fresh herbs, minced (whatever’s in the garden).

If dill is the primary available herb, then I use a squirt of fresh lemon juice instead of the vinegar.

I am adamantly against paprika in all forms.

One set-up at a fancy buffet had each “cup” lined with 1-2 leaves of baby spinach, and added those tiny salad shrimp to the mix (dill for those). Quite lovely and yummy.

I like Anna Thomas’s “dill deviled eggs” recipe from the Vegetarian Epicure, and whaddya know, it’s on Google Books.

Nothing but sour cream, lots of dill, and salt and pepper. Not very devilish but extremely tasty.

Dump the yolk mixtures and stuff them with baby shrimp mixed with grated horseradish.

I’m confused. Isn’t the point of anything devilled that it’s hot? I devil my eggs using much the same spices as I use on devilled mackerel; hot smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, English mustard, garam masala, sherry vinegar, and some very finely chopped raw shallots. The egg (or fish) is creamy and mild enough to carry off some serious heating up. They’re meant to be warming - like hell!

I was always taught that devilling referred to the addition of mustard. Mustard being very hot to us English type people.

I use my mom’s devilled egg recipe, which calls for mustard, but is very simple and the end result is, IMO, properly eggy.

6 large eggs, hardboiled - cut in half and remove the yolks to a bowl. Mash the yolks with a fork. Add about 1 tb of mayonnaise, or as much as needed to moisten the yolks but not make them too wet. Add about a tsp of mustard (standard yellow or brown), and a pronkling of salt. Mix well. Taste and adjust salt if needed. Fill egg whites with the yolk mizture, sprinkle with sweet paprika. Eat.

Wow - holy typos, Batman! What’s a pronkling?

Gut a few hard boiled eggs, mash the yolks with enough mayo to make it creamy. Add a dash (or two) of powdered mustard, a sprinkle of dill seed, salt and pepper. Fill whites with goop, sprinkle with paprika.

Soooo, basically same as everyone elses, but with dill seed.

It’s a bit more than a tad, but less that a jot.

My recipe - all ingredients are to taste/texture, so add slowly.

7 Hard boiled eggs, sliced in half lengthwise and gutted
(I boil an extra and discard one white, just to make sure there’s enough stuffing)

up to 1 tsp powdered mustard
a few dashes hot sauce
salt and freshly ground pepper
minced green olives are my favorite, but dill relish is also nice
JUST enough mayo to make the goop creamy enough to squirt through…

…a small hole cut in the corner of a Ziploc bag. Instant piping bag - makes your eggs prettier and easier to fill.

Sprinkle with paprika to finish.

Nance’s Sharp and Creamy mustard– that and the yolks, nothing else.

I’m just chiming in to say the thread title is the worst idea for a Dennis Wheatley novel ever.

Carry on.