Your deviled eggs

It’s amazing how much something simple like tuna salad or deviled eggs can vary.

Like my tuna salad I like my deviled eggs simple.

Eggs, mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, finish with a dusting of paprika.

No worchestershire no relish no olives no onions no vinegar no chilis.

That’s exactly how I make my deviled eggs. I’ve had deviled eggs made by others that were more complicated, and were very tasty, but my favorite remains the simple way my mom taught me to make them: Eggs, mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, finish with a dusting of paprika.

Chilli Lime seasoning, cumin, or curry.
Sometimes relish, onion or sweet bell pepper relish.

I’m used to deviled eggs with dill or relish in them and no paprika. Often topped with an olive slice.

Same as the OP but add in a couple of habaneros (diced and mashed into a paste) and dust with chipoltle chile powder. (for 2 dozen)

They are deviled eggs. :smiley:


I like to add a little bit of curry powder to mine.

Eggs, mayo, spicy mustard, cayenne pepper, dill pickle juice, finish with a generous dusting of smoked paprika (which really amps up the flavor).

My eggs are the hit of the party whenever I make them :slight_smile:

Must be mustard powder, not prepared mustard. Blech.

Smoked spanish paprika is no substitute for regular :smack:

Oh, and put the filling items into a ziploc baggie - for 6 or less yolks, a quart, 6 or more a gallon. Mash between your hands or with a rolling pin. Cut out a tiny end and use bag to pipe filling into eggs. WAY easier than putting it all into a bowl.

Our family tradition uses just stone ground horseradish mustard and maybe a bit of mayonaise to smooth and bulk out the mixture. The egg-half is topped so that not only is the cavity filled in, but there’s half a centimeter of filling across the top. Then we sprinkle it with paprika.

This is brilliant. You are a genius!:slight_smile:

A few of the recipes in here seemed too far out, but those we did go for were all great.

Mayo, a capful of cider vinegar (per dozen), salt, egg yolk, smoked paprika on top.

Egg yolk, mayo, mustard, and a soft, roasted garlic bulb mushed in there as well.

Egg yolks, Miracle Whip, dijon mustard, sweet relish, salt and pepper, dust with paprika. Sometimes I add in an extra white, from the ugly ones that didn’t peel well.

I use the baggie trick, too! It’s really fast and less messy.

No joke! This is what I am doing this year!

I see smoked paprika is not a universally reviled topping ;). Chefguy, why the cider vinegar? Does it give it a nice “zing”? Capful for 6 or 12?

DCnDC, with that trick, you’ll be making a loooooot more of 'em then you otherwise would.

Egg yolks, mustard, a little sweet and dill pickle relish, a little black pepper and a smattering of honey. Dust with paprika. Yes honey. Ok, the first time it was a mistake cause I knocked the honey bear out of a cabinet when I reached up to grab the paprika. The cap was loose and some honey got in the mixture. I was making deviled eggs to take to a friend’s house and just a little tiny bit of honey got in the mixture so after much swearing, I just made the eggs and went on my way. They were a hit. So, honey is now my secret ingredient. I don’t measure, but really just a teeny tiny bit is what I use.

That being said, I’ve yet to meet a deviled egg I won’t eat. :smiley:

I need a bit of minced celery in my yolk mix just to get a bit of crunch in the bite. Otherwise, I make them just like the OP.

Yeah, I like the tartness. It’s really just a matter of taste. Toss in a capful and taste. If that doesn’t work for you, add more. I actually use two for a full dozen eggs.