Deviled Eggs

I love 'em. But I don’t know how to make 'em.

Anyone got an easy-to-follow recipe? Bear in mind that I’m an idiot.

Put eggs in cold water. Heat water to boiling. Turn down to low and let sit, covered for 12 minutes (depending on your altitude…higher means longer). Peel the eggs under cold running water.

Slice the eggs in half, longways. Scoop out the yolks. Add equal amounts of mayo (NOT, NOT, NOT “Miracle Whip”, which has no business near food. Did you know that “Miracle Whip” is what happens when Cool Whip goes rancid? The only “miracle” is that people buy the stuff! ::rimshot:: Bleach!) and mustard. Add a pinch of salt. If you want something different, cut the mayo down a bit and add a bit of vinegar…but that’s non-traditional. Moosh everything together. (Maybe a teaspoon of each for every 3 eggs)

Scoop yolk goo back into eggs. Sprinkle with paprika to make it look pretty. Eat until you’re ill.


I use a bit of vinegar and pickle relish in addition to the mayo and mustard.


You are right about the Miracle Whip. Too sweet to be used on food.

This is how I make them. You need

sweet relish
Maybe a dash of cummin (I like cummin)

Boil your eggs, cool and peel them then cut them in half. Scoop the yokes out and put in a seperate bowl, place the empty whites on a plate.
Add mayo, mustard and relish to yokes to taste. Mix well making sure you mash up the yokes really well. Add salt, pepper and cumin (if you decide to use it) to taste. Fill the egg whites with the yoke mixture sprinkle with paprika. Eat. (You can chill them first but be sure you cover them well They usually don’t live that long around here.)

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A tip:

To make cumin (I like it too, and while I’ve never had it in deviled eggs, it sounds like a great idea!) even better, toast it first:

Get a non-stick/teflon skillet, put your cumin in the skillet and heat, stirring constantly. The second you can smell it, take it off the heat, but keep stirring. Dump it into whatever liquid you have to stop it from burning (mayo, in this case).

Toasting makes cumin sublime.


Same as above, but I don’t use the relish. Every once in a while I’ll add a dash or two of curry to kick it up a notch. My curry hating spose and brother don’t seem to mind. I don’t have a problem with Miracle whip but prefer Hellman’s.

Add curry.

<puts on leather jacket with “Miracle Whip[sup]TM[/sup] Forever” embroidered on back and prepares to rumble with mayonnaise snobs.

We had a family discussion over this Thanksgiving. My mom came from a Miracle Whip family but dad is a mayo man so mom stopped fighting it.

I keep it simplefor huevos diablo, MW, sweet pickle relish, an extra dash of brine and paprika.

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Boil eggs, peel, scoop out yolks. THROW HALF OF THEM AWAY

mix remaing yolks with a can of great northern beans, a couple of tablespoons of lite mayo, salt, pepper and garlic powder.

fill eggs, chill.

everyone scoffs, but if you didn’t know it was half beans, you’d never guess. It’s lower fat, lower cholesterol and it tastes great. I brought them to Thanksgiving amidst much protest and was greatly praised.


I like red pepper in mine.

Take a bunch of rosemary needles and stick them into the eggs so that they form inedible hedgehogs.

Ok, here is the world’s easiest Deviled Egg recipe.

Mix the yokes with Thousand Island dressing.

Now, I know some of you are going to say yuck. I had my doubts, because I hate Thousand Island dressing. But I really like this recipe.

The beauty of this recipe is, you can just make one egg and try it. If you don’t like it, then you use a traditional recipe on the rest of the yokes.

But you have had Thousand Island dressing in your home.
Where your children live.

Send the Miracle Whippers and Thousand Islanders to the pit.


no brine, no pickle relish (blea!), no vinegar, no miracle whip. sometimes i’ll add some finely chopped bacon, or a little avocado, and once i put in some finely chopped smoked salmon. all yummy additions!!

You’re going to find a thousand ways to prepare a very tasty filling, so I’m not going to even TRY to go there.

However, try this…
As soon as you peel off the shells (and before you cut them!), place all of the eggs on a dinner plate. Then place another plate on top of the eggs, and a mayonnaise jar on the top plate. Then place the whole shebang in the fridge for several hours. This will give you a two flat sides so that, when you cut the eggs in half, there will be a flat side for the devilled egg to rest on. That way, they won’t be lolling about on the dish.

I use the mustard, mayo, relish combo too. A touch of honey is also nice. And when I get wild I throw in some chopped pecans. :cool:

I add horseradish.

Mash the yolks with sour cream and minced chives. Then top with a bit of caviar.
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