Dewey defeats Truman (Yankees/Red Sox) in today's New York Post

I don’t know if anyone has seen this yet, but today’s New York Post has an editorial (page 36) about last night’s game. It expressed regret that the Yankees lost and that the Red Sox are going on to the World Series! :slight_smile:

(Obviously, they wrote up two versions, as they were going to have to go to press shortly after the game ended. They just printed the wrong one!)


Zev Steinhardt

I wonder if tomorrow they’ll post an editorial with a picture of Homer Simpson next to it, titled “D’OH!”

i just heard about this. if only it were true…

did they get the sports section correct?


I’d love to have seen the face of the chief editor when someone first pointed out this mistake. You could probably hear the :smack: from Trenton.