Dexter 10/5 (Open Spoilers ok)

So what happens next?

Will Dexter dispose of the body and get the DA to cover for him?

Will he clean up the body and try to fool everybody?

Will he let them find the body as is and try to convince everybody (but the DA) that there is a serial killer on the loose that isn’t him.

Or maybe even let them find the body as is and convince the DA that he isn’t a serial killer but had a good reason to cover up the accident.

BTW … I didn’t watch any of the previews.

My guess is that he will stage the crime scene- he’s pretty well qualified to do so. I imagine either Quinn or Deborah will decide something is fishy with it and our Dark Avenger will be busy staying ahead of the investigation. I think the D.A was there for more than revenge- I think that he knows why his brother went there to kill Freebo (and it’s not the reason he gave) and it has as much to do with covering his self interest as it does with his brother’s death.

Liking the series so far- although hate how it’s scheduled so close to True Blood- which I will have to watch the second half of tonight (Steeler’s game didn’t help my television schedule either).

I agree the DA keeps quiet since he knows more about his brother than he has said so far. I think Dexter will probably end up helping him out in the future to make sure he stays quiet.

I had started to put together a reply about how I thought that Dexter might wind up becoming Miguel’s little avenging/revenging machine. Then I read the other post about maybe there’s more going on with Miguel then we know about. Then I thought of what I decided is the most important question. How the hell did Miguel find Frebo? He clearly has a connection with Frebo were not aware of yet. (I didn’t ask that question just to answer it, I thought of the answer as I typed the question). I expect quite a bit to unfold from this.

I thought Miguel was addicted to drugs and Freebo was his dealer- so he would know where Freebo was. Plus- at the time of Miguel’s death, Freebo was not in hiding as he had gotten off for the murders.

Having Freeebo’s mom’s cell phone could have helped.

Miguel is the ADA (Jimmy Smits), Osar is the dead one.

Right, forgot about that.

Whoops, got the two brothers mixed up. Oscar is the dead one. Yeah- Miguel mentioned he checked some phone records.

So the next question, did Dexter get Freebo’s blood on Miguel’s shirt by accident, or on purpose?

Well, he played the whole ‘getting caught’ scene so well, you could be forgiven for failing to see how he’d have done it accidentally.( Unless Miguel’s hug took him by surprise?) I don’t think it was deliberate, and it will just turn out to be another problem Dexter has to deal with. Still, the ending was a great little plot twist , and leaves plenty of permutations for upcoming episodes. The only complaint I have so far is, this once a week business plays havoc on those of us with addictive personalities.

So…did the actress playing Rita get a boob job or what?

I may have nodded off a couple times last night.

It seems that all we know about Frebo is that everyone but Dexter and the DA think he is still out there.

Did I completely miss a conversation between the two that may have dealt with it?

Never mind… I just watched it again and definately slept thru some key parts!

I too am a tad disappointed that we didn’t see Dexter having to persuade Miguel not to go inside, etc, but overall it’s still ticking along quite nicely as far as I’m concerned. I’ve got to say that this is the only tv program in the last 20 years that has got me eagerly anticipating each new episode. Long may that kind of entertainment value continue! :slight_smile:

got my Prado’s muddled up.