Dexter 10/10/09 (SPOILERS)

Last week’s thread was a total flop, hope people are watching because I thought last night’s episode was excellent. Dexter is more flat, not so “normal” this season- which I kinda like. Really like the story arc with Dexter witnessing Quinn’s dirty cop tactics in action.

Rita grows ever so annoying- I’d have smacked her when she told him “you already had coffee.” Dexter is going to have a lot of explaining to do about those security lights.

Wondering what smear the Trinity killer left at the jumper scene.

Vince’s over-accesorized truck was very fitting for his character.

I think Trinity left a smear of his mother’s ashes at the scene.

Yeah, good episode. You’re right about Rita growing ever more annoying. When Lundy mentioned that Trinity’s third victim is always a man, my first thought was, “damn, looks like Rita’s out.” I hope poor Dex finds some way out of that situation and back to his apartment. Doesn’t seem too likely though.

I’m purely speculating, of course, but I think Rita will say he broke out the security lights because he’s acting funny due to the crack on the noggin from the car wreck. She’ll make him continue to gets rides and stuff for another week or so. He will have an urge to kill alright. :wink:

So, hhhhmmmm, so far the story arc has the neighborhood vandal (which can be easily wrapped up in next episode) and the Trinity killer, who has one kill left. There’s got to be a surprise in there somewhere (maybe the tourist killer story-line) or this will be a short season. Hints in the previews about a bad female cop.

Speaking of the tourist killer storyline. LaGuerta and Battista forgot a critical rule when making up a story. If you say you had a flat tire…agree ahead of time over what tire it was.

You’ve also got the Bad Cop Quinn/Reporter storyline too and the Lundy/Debra reunion. Like how Anton went from the love of her life to the annoying boyfriend that is always there in just one episode.

Yeah, last season it felt way too easy for Dexter to slide into the “family man” role. I’m glad he’s struggling with it now. I’m sure Rita will just let Dexter slide as she always does, crap, she didn’t leave him when she thought he was ON HEROIN.

“Flat tire” is one of the stupider excuses. Which tire? Where did you get it fixed? Did you use the spare? Is there even a spare in the car they took? The list goes on and on. I find I’m not particularly satisfied with LaGuerta/Battista mostly because the relationship was just thrust upon us - I enjoy the “getting together” portion durn it!

So Trinity has mommy issues, family issues judging by the shrine. I’m guessing that T’s dad killed his sister in the tub, then mom committed suicide, and T bludgeoned his father. Are there other, better theories?

Dang- you should write for the show- sounds good to me- makes sense he’d pour his father a drink before he kills him. Although, if he only kills in threes, they’ll have to draw that last one out for awhile.

Why would anyone care what tire was flat for Battista/LaGuerta? It’s not like anyone is going to interrogate them over it.

Lundy said he first noticed Trinity in Raleigh which is Michael C. Hall’s hometown. That probably was put in as an inside joke.

Does anyone even care about their storyline for that matter? Seems like they just threw their affair in because they didn’t have anything else to do with the characters this year.

I suggest next week’s thread be for the rest of the season.

Assuming you’re correct, he’s already carried out the first two murders. My guess is that the father-substitute will be someone we already know and Dexter will have to reveal himself to rescue him. How about Detective Quinn or Special Agent Lundy?

Mine is close : Dad raped T’s sister (and possibly T as well), who killed herself. Then Mummy killed herself too. Then T killed Dad, and it made him feel in control for once. He’s been chasing the feeling ever since.

I don’t think he’d pick someone in law enforcement. That would create way too much media attention & interest in solving the case.

I think we are getting a misdirect with the idea that Trinity is successful because he has no ties to anyone. I think the mid-season reveal will be that Trinity is effectively Dexter in 2o years with a loving unsuspecting wife and kids.

Too much time has been spent with Harry hitting that point home for something interesting not to come of it.