DFW Dopers - Bowling on Friday, 2/28

I can’t remember who said they were interested in bowling, but I wanted to remind you that tomorrow is the day.

The Annual PEOPA Bowling Tournament is tomorrow, Friday, February 28, 2003, at 6:00 p.m. at the Allen Bowl, located at 1011 Greenville Avenue (also known as Avenue K or Plano Road) just south of Bethany Drive. The proceeds from the tournament will fund college scholarships given by the association each year to deserving Plano I.S.D. senior students.

I’ve already paid the entry fee for our bowling team and that’ll include bowling for two hours and shoe rental. Even if you aren’t bowling, we’d love for you to join us and cheer on Team Straight Dope. Allen Bowl will donate a percentage of the income from concessions purchased that night to our scholarship fund. So come hungry and join the fun for a very worthy cause.

I was in before and I’m in again. Or maybe I’ve been in all along.

You want to meet at my apartment and we’ll drive together? Or is it easier for you to meet me there?

I can meet you at your apartment.


We need some help here, folks.

Okay, so the plans have changed slightly. You are going to meet at Ziactrice’s house and then pick me up at my office.

One last chance to join the team. Or, I’ll have to call out the kids and g’kids to take up the slack.

I hate to disappoint you Grace, but I have been wiped this week, even with getting a day and a half off. I even passed on a free meal with Mom.

Can I make a donation, instead?