Diablo 2 question: "Character not found"-WTF????

Last 2 times I went on B-net, several of my characters say “Character not found” when I click on them. Other characters on that account play fine, other accounts play fine. Does anyone know what’s going on here? I can’t access several complete sets of stuff that I have ( although not the Immortal King’s set, thank God, that’s on another mule. ) on one particular mule.

Couple be one of several things:

Your character expired because you haven’t played him in 90 days.
You didn’t play the required 1 hour to “burn in” your character during the first 48 hours, so its been deleted.
Temporary server glitch. It happens–just keep trying to log on. If problem persists contact the Blizzard technical support.

I was going to link to their support page, but their site seems to be down for the moment.

You might also want to check diabloii.net. I haven’t checked in the last couple of weeks but I know that the realms were having serious issues with the “character not found” thing for a while. There were usually news items regarding that issue every day not too long ago. I don’t know if those problems have been resolved or not.

Or do what Seraphim said…or both :slight_smile:

The requirement, which was initially (IMHO) spelled out rather vaguely, is that you must not only play your first character on that account for two hours within the consecutive 48 hour period of its creation but also any character created must be played at leat two hours within 48 consecutive hours of its creation. There was a rather large scare I guess a month or so ago on the realms with all manner of chars (mostly mules) “player not found” and such. I lost, IIRC, 4 or 5 chars, which was not all that bad. Really the worst thing I lost was about ten hwanin’s pieces, and when you remember the mods on that set, you can see why I don’t include a frowny smiley here.

Play your chars 2 hours within their first 48 (the 2 hours need not be consecutive. You could play 4 30 minute periods if you wanted) and load them in a game (not in-channel, in-game) once every 90 days. That keeps the “player not found” away:)

You have the IK armor? GIEV ITAM, AMA! :stuck_out_tongue:

Like iampunha said, there was an episode earlier this year when Blizzard deleted individual characters that hadn’t been played for a total of 2 hours within the first 48 hours.

Previously, people interpreted “2 hours within 48” as 2 hours for a whole account. Turns out it’s 2 hours for each character.

(Incidentally, I lost big time – 16 or so stocked mules. Enough to keep me away from the game until patch 1.10 comes out. :))

Yes, I do, I’ve got the whole set. What I don’t have is a character with the strength to use it. :smack: Translation of the acronyms, please?

The thing is, these are mule characters that I’ve had for a long time, we’re talking, at least with my set mule, a character I played when I established it and has been a mule, being used a couple of times a month at least, for 5-6 months time. The chipple mule I might have shortchanged on the “2 hour” requirement, but the set mule I didn’t, it was an established character.

I think he means “give item, noob”:slight_smile:

Ah, so what you seek is a barb with high strength…I have one of those right next to my high-dex zon.

[sub]A tankbarb with str under 232 … wtf?;)[/sub]

must… resist… urge… to… play… D2… again…

(please, please, please let the patch come out soon. i’m not playing again till it’s out)