Diablo II: Expansion Mods

Diablo II is a great game, but I’d like to mix the play up a little bit. Does anyone know of any good mods out there??

Eastern Sun. I haven’t played anything else since I discovered it, and I tried the 1.10 patch and it just seemed so dull in comparison, like, you took all that time and this is all you could come up with when people working on their own did it so much better? There are a few bugs ( like don’t kill The Smith in the Monistary on Hell Diff or the game freezes ), but overall, a brilliant piece of work, very, very playable and very very fun.

I’ve always been extremely partial to Ancestral Recall. It adds quite a bit to the game, and buffs up some weaker builds to playability. One of my favorite parts, though, is that it makes it a lot easier to find set items and uniques–you can actually find stuff early enough for it to be useful to you, without having to resort to muling.

There’s always quite a few more monsters (both numerically and types of monsters), the uniques are changed around a bit and the difficulty is ramped up (for example, there’s a side dungeon in act 3, with 4 or 5 diablo’s roaming around the bottom level–if you kill them, you can skip act 4).

It’s also very stable. I’m still waiting for the skills enhanced version of 1.10 AR to come out–the version out now keeps the skills as they are in vanilla diablo.

Thanks guys!! I’m going to try out the Middle Earth Mod I found tonight. Then I’ll check out the extra 2 that you’ve mentioned. It’s great to expand interest in a good game!

The V&K’s middle earth mod is a blast. There were a few crashing problems, but it was still a hell of a lot of fun.

Well, there’s Seven Lances, a re-balancing mod for the game.

Links? Anyone? Where can I find this stuff?

Varaya and Khan’s Middle Earth Mod
Ancestral Recall

Dunno about the other ones–these are the only ones I’ve got bookmarked.