Diamond, of conservative commentators Diamond & Silk, appears to have died at 51

I won’t post any links because I’m only seeing them from RWNJ sources, but 51 is way too young.

Apparently the only source on the is a post by Trump on Truth Social. I don’t think that he would lie about something so easily checked and liable to blow up in his face, but it is Trump we’re talking about so I’m going to wait for confirmation from independent sources.

Yahoo Finance has this in their reporting:

The duo’s official Twitter account confirmed Hardaway’s death shortly afterwards, writing that the world “just lost a True Angel and Warrior Patriot.” Hardaway’s exact age was not immediately clear, but she would have been roughly 51-years-old.

And here’s the tweet they mention:


Never heard of her, but good riddance.

Hopes and prayers.

I don’t recall, was she vaccinated? Anybody know?

My thoughts are, they denied she died of COVID, so it’s most likely she died of COVID, and of course they paired the announcement with yet another call for money. The Grift Lives On.

While I am in so many ways diametrically opposed to the worldview she espoused, my sympathies are nonetheless with her family.

The article above characterizes her as an “ardent COVID-19 vaccine opponent” but of course that doesn’t mean she wasn’t vaccinated.

Donations from the fundraising site apparently go to her sister Rochelle (a.k.a. Silk). I will refrain from saying something unkind here about the fundraising effort.

I did remember that she was Anti-Vac, but wasn’t sure if she “was forced to give in” for her career or something.

Thanks Gyrate.

She made her living as a MAGAt. People almost definitely died because they listened to this pair spout their nonsense about Covid vaccines. Either they believed in this crap or were willing to take the money anyway.

Was Diamond the one who did the talking or the one who did the facial expressions?

She was admitted to the hospital during Thanksgiving for COVID, so pretty sure she died of “complications related to the COVID-19 virus”.

I mean, what are you going to do? There’s more than one way to kill yourself.

When do the accusations that Biden had her murdered start?

It’ll be the Clintons. It’s always the Clintons.

How did they get to be celebrities, anyway? What were they before they attached themselves to the Trump bandwagon?

Their family life may shed some light on how they came to be the way they were. Let me just post this tidbit from Wikipedia:

Diamond and Silk were also briefly involved in the BLM movement before getting on board the Trump train.

A pedigree in grift, got it.

Maybe that was a typo, and what they were actually involved with was the MLM movement.

Which would make sense :wink:

With a family history of grifting, it probably wouldn’t take them long to realize that BLM doesn’t fall for it nearly as easily or lucratively as MAGA does.