Did Anyone Claim Saddam's sons Bodies?

If so, who claimed them and how long did it take before they came forward?

Members of the extended family, IIRC.

They were buried in Tikrit, with a few days after they were killed.

Some members of Saddam’s extended family claimed them a couple days after the battle. The US military worked to release the bodies ASAP, since Muslim tradition requires burials to happen very quickly after death. They were buried in Tikrit.

Then why did Saddam release a tape saying that his sons were “not dead” if extended family picked them up and buried them? Do you think he was in denial or was that some kind of sick tactic of his?

Perhaps Saddam tells lies, maybe?

It is widely believed that Saddam Hussein is crazier than a rabid shithouse skunk.

I thought the tape he released right after their deaths said that they were indeed dead and that he was proud that they had been noble martyrs for his cause.

I’ll work on a cite.


I was under the impression they were stuffed, mounted, and sitting next to Sitting Bull’s skull in the Skull And Bones house at Yale these days…


News Story discussing the tape:

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