Did anyone else have trouble with the Scrubs DVDs?

Hello all,

Some time back, I ordered the Scrubs season 1 DVD set, and it arrived today. Unfortunately, the back of disc 1 was scratched up terribly due to the bizarre packaging. Like many multi-disc DVD sets, it had fold-out cardboard inserts, but this particular set has disc 1 overlapping disc 2 in the same folded side, with disc 3 on its own folded side. I’ve never RENTED a DVD that was in such a visibly-damaged condition, much less bought one in a sealed package. I bought a new, factory-sealed set, not used DVDs. Worst. Packaging. Ever.

I’ve already called Buena Vista Home Video about it, and they said in 7-14 days, I should receive a return label. I’ll have to fill out a form, mail my scratched disc 1 back to them, and then they’ll mail me a replacement. It might be a month before I get around to watching these. Why oh why couldn’t disc 3 be scratched??? I just want to watch Scrubs!

I was just curious if anyone else bought this set, was disappointed or annoyed by the packaging, or experienced problems with scratched discs. If this is standard packaging used in other DVD sets, I can see it leading to more unsatisfied customers.

I bought my set at Best Buy and haven’t had any problems with the discs at all. The stupid blue thing that is supposed to fit into the plastic cover is annoying and doesn’t stick right, but the discs are fine.

I watched them on Netflix. It was fine.

Sorry to hear about that, Lou.

No one should be denied their Scrubs fix!

I was also annoyed as fuck at the insanely stupid packaging (but hey, by overlapping disc 1 over disc 2 they save $1 per box set! And in turn pass no net savings to you, the consumer!) But my disc wasn’t scratched. As for the x-ray insert thingy, I just took it out and put it in the ocrner of a mirror I have hanging in my living room. It looks nice.