Did anyone else hear this on Car Talk?

I don’t know what your local NPR station does, but whenever ours does a weekend fund drive, they re-run an old Car Talk, and cut in and out of it to ask for pledges.

I know Saturday’s Car Talk was a rerun because I had vague memories of some of the calls. When they were trying to explain to a woman what a loose heat shield meant on her car, Tom said “remember the problem with the Shuttle a couple of years back?”:smack:

Holy crap! I don’t expect the gopher who has to find an old show to listen to every second of it for untimely references, but that was about the most accidentally inappropriate comment I’ve ever heard.

“These things happen because people like you say, ‘These things happen!’ when these things happen!”

I’m sorry. What?

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

For some reason I pictured you saying this in Homestar Runner’s voice and it made me crack up.

I heard it in Ethel Merman’s voice from Mad, mad, mad, mad world.

I heard Derek Jacobi from Dead Again.

“If fate works at all it works because people think this time it isn’t going to happen!”