Did Bjork, as a Sugar Cube, cover Ninty-Nine Red Balloons?

Hey All,

I’m trying to organize (tag) my music collection and I have about 10 different versions of Nena’s Eighties Hit, Ninty-Nine Red Balloons.

One version is 3:41 in length and ends with the balloon popping.

The version is titled “Pleasure Delux techno remix”

One tag has it as sung by Nena, another has it sung by Bjork when she was with the Sugar Cubes.

Which is the correct tag?

AND, if it is a cover, how would you format it?
Artist - Song Title

  1. Sugar Cubes - Ninty-Nine Red Balloons(cover)
  2. Bjork - Ninty-Nine Red Balloons(cover)
  3. Nena - Ninty-Nine Red Balloons(Bjork-Pleasure Delux Techno Remix)
  4. Sugar Cubes - Ninty-Nine Red Balloons(Pleasure Delux Techno Remix)
  5. enter your suggestion here.

Thanks in advance for your help

I’m an old Sugar Cubes fan and I’ve never heard of it. Husband has heard OF it, but just on limewire or something so we think it is one of those ubiqitous napstery mistakes. You would be amazed at the number of things that are TOTALLY misattributed on the basis of who-knows what.
I only pop in here because no one else is answering, though. If someone corrects me I will eat crow.
Does it sound like Bjork? Is it in German or English?

I don’t recall her ever doing this.

As further help to your tag-correction project:

  • Just because a song is “funny” it MAY NOT be Weird Al or TMBG.

  • Depeche Mode did NOT do every song in the 80s that featured a keyboard.

  • Sometimes a black 60s soul singer ISN’T Aretha Franklin.

don’t know anything about the song, but tag it with no.4. it’s performed by the sugarcubes, entitled 99 red balloons (so you say - i thought it was 99 luftballoons or something) and it’s the pleasure delux etc mix.


The original was 99 Luftballoons. The English version is 99 Red Balloons. They needed to add the word “red” to keep the meter correct in the translation.


It sounds like it could be Bjork or Nena. It is in English. I like it better than the original Nena, English version.


If they had to add red to keep the meter correct for luftballoons, did they also add Sliver to Hero for the same reason?

…99 knights of the air fly super high tech jet fighters,
every one a silver hero, everyone a captain kirk…"

99 red balloons is my karaoke song of choice

and it’s everyone a SUPER hero…everyone a captain kirk.


Am I sensing some hostility here? I am not responsible for tagging all the songs on the various services. I am trying to straighten out the tags on the songs on my hard drive.

Err, Ahem, I mean my ‘Friend’s’ tags on ‘his’ hard drive! :wink:

Thanks for your responses,

No, I don’t think there’s hostility. It’s just funny how tags get mangled. Everything these days is attributed to Weird Al. Anything that sounds like an acoustic pop sort of thing is BarenakedLadies and anything in German is Rammstein.

It’s like people don’t even bother to do an inch of research.


I knew it was SUPER hero, um, er, I was just testing YOU!

yeah, that’s it…

Oh no SandWriter, I wasn’t being hostile towards you. Just in general it bugs me how people are conatantly mislabeling songs on certain services. I’m fairly certain TMBG didn’t do “Donald Duck Blow Job”, no matter how funny one might find it.

It was a general dig at people who mislabel songs, not you. I mentioned it in sympathy as someone else who has had to dig through many songs trying to find out who really sang them.

So is that Ska version of “Ob-la-di” No Doubt or Save Ferris?

No answer to the OP, sorry. But I’ve got one more to add to Legomancer’s list:

  • 80’s songs that sound “old” are not necessarily by the Stray Cats. i.e., they did NOT do ‘Puttin’ On The Ritz’.

“thank you Taco, for that loving tribute to Falco”

If you are looking to blame someone, then I think the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of CDDB or now, Grace Note. They are the source for all the confusion. J. R. MP3-Ripper inserts a CD into the drive and the music software goes out to CDDB/Grace Note and pulls down a list of song titles/artists for each track. That information ends up in the tag information when the track is converted to an mp3.

The problems arise when someone inserts an “unknown to the Data Base CD” and then enters in the title/artist information by hand then that data is uploaded to CDDB/Grace Note.

No one at CDDB/Grace Note checks the validity of the uploads.

I know this cause I inserted a “Greatest Hits of the Eighties” CD and half the song/artist information was wrong when compared to the song/artist information on the liner notes.

If CDDB/Grace Note worked with the record companies to ensure that all the record company’s listings were correct, then I think that would alliviate a great deal of the incorrect tag information.

Anyway, that’s my .02.

p.s. J. R. = Joe(or Jane) Random

Babel Fish Translation, In English:
You have something time for me then sing I a song for you from 99 ballons on its way to the horizon think you degrees ’ of me then perhaps sing I a song for you from 99 ballons and that sowas of sowas comes 99 ballons on its way to the horizon one regarded as uFOs from the universe therefore sent a general ’ ne flier relay afterwards alarm to give, wenn’s so more waer thereby war’n there at the horizon only 99 ballons 99 jet military planes of everyone was not a large krieger held themselves for Captain Kirk gave large fireworks the neighbours anything gerafft and felt thereby shot equivalent put on one on the horizon on 99 ballons 99 war Ministers match and gasoline can regarded themselves as smart people Witterten already fat booty scoring: War and it wanted power man, who would have that meant that it once so far comes ways 99 ballons 99 years war did not leave no place for winner war Minister gibt’s to no more and also no nozzle fliers today pull I mean for rounds Seh ’ the world in rubble to be appropriate have ’ ’ nen ballon found think ’ of you and let ’ it fly

THANKS A LOT!!! Now I’m going to be wracking my brain all night trying to remember where that quote is from…

Heh. I have…er, my friend has that one.

Oh, and Dr. Demento did not record parody/comedy songs. He just played them on the radio. Thank you.


Fark recently had a website with a list of parody songs that people generally attribute incorrectly to Weird Al.

FWIW, I think Goldfinger does the best version of 99 Red Balloons. Although there seem to be 2 different versions. On Stomping Ground, it includes a German verse. In Gran Turismo 3, the German verse is replaced by the “Captain Kirk” verse.

Hey Elwood,

I was just at a friends house, and through the magic that is audio galaxy, just heard that version and it rocks!