Did Christopher Lowell have a wife?

One time during a b.s. session with a long time friend, we were talking about how our wives like to watch Richard(Christopher) Lowell on television, which of course brought comments on how he gives us the creeps. Then my friend said he couldn’t believe Lowell had actually been married at one time.
Oh, come on! No way has Christopher Lowell every been involved with a woman!:rolleyes:
But my friend swears up and down that he had a wife, and she was even on one of his shows some years ago.

Now this statement doesn’t bug me as much as it does my wife!
She watches Lowell every day, and everyday I come home to “Bryans nuts! Theres no way this guy was ever married!”

Ive searched the internet, but found nothing to suggest or deny he’s ever been married.
Bryan’s one of those guys who hates to be proved wrong, and I would enjoy the laugh if he were proved right. Can anyone here help?

Well, I can’t answer the question specifically, but lots of gay men have entered marriages, often merely to make it seem to the world that they aren’t really who they are. Take the writer William S. Burroughs for instance. Perhaps Lowell, if he really is gay, spend several years in a marriage before he confronted his sexuality.


Here’s some rumour mongering

Christopher Lowell: WTF?
Here’s a sort of bio and it does not mention a past marriage

It would not surprise me if he had a wife.

Recently we were discussing this in Latin class and someone mentioned he was actually straight and had a wife…I don’t know if it’s true, though, sorry.

There are ‘straight’ acting gays…and ‘gay’ acting straights, out there. Is there any proof that he is gay? Or are his mannerisms the only clue.

Who cares if he’s gay? Or straight? I watch his show whenever I get the chance!

Appearances can be deceiving, though. My friend’s husband speaks with that stereotypical “way” Christopher Lowell and others speak. No, her husband isn’t gay. They have 4 kids.

Just a thought.

I was channel surfing one time, came across his show, and watched it for a bit. He referred to a wife, and in present tense.

If he’s not gay, he should get an academy award!!!

Let’s ask Liza’s husband.

Is your friend gay?