Did CSI jump the shark last night??? Please say no...

**For those who don’t know what jump the shark means click here .

Ok plain and simple, did CSI jump the shark last night when Grissom touch Lady Heather’s face and hair? [sub]i think her name was lady heather[/sub]

But talk about a move on the part of Grissom that was completely out of character, that was it. I don’t know if one of the writer was drinking last week when they wrote it, or if Grissom is soon to be written out… Please God no not that!!!

So what do others think of last nights show… ?

Well, actually, an attraction between Grissom and Lady Heather was set up in an earlier ep in which she appeared. I find it kinda consistent that the very tight-laced Grissom might find himself drawn to the sexually tight-laced Lady Heather. And I think it’s cool that we have a sympathetic cop protagonist attracted to a kinky character. So, I would say that plotline is just the opposite of shark-jumping – added a nice note of complexity and interest to the characterization.

I liked the Lady Heather plotline, what bugged me was the plotline about Helgenberger’s daughter and husband. Way too much coinkydinks here. The formula that makes the other cop dramas succeed (Law and Order and its clones) involves not focussing too much on the main characters and focussing instead on creating a tight-knit plotline for each ep. I hope CSI doesn’t go too far down this road, because I think attention to plot is a VERY good thing.

I agree with Evil Captor, I think it was consistent. Not to mention she seemed to be one of the first ladies who really noticed him. I did get an instant dear god what is he doing??? feeling when I first saw it…

I didn’t see it as shark jumping (land shark), but as a branching out.

Gives the writers some room to explore character. Same with the other tragic event (hint: Camaro in ditch)

Just thirding Evil Captor and Meatros. There was an earlier episode in which Lady Heather appeared and they hinted at a possible mutual interest between her and Grissom.

I think the plot point in this one was when she says something like “either you find me interesting or you’re losing your hearing”. Note that she is the first other person to realize that Grissom is losing his hearing. I think that was when he realized that there was a connection and interest on her part.

And, to agree with another of Meatros’ points, I did think “Uh-oh, that can’t be a good idea!” at one or two points along the way…

I wasn’t sure what to make of the Catherine sub-plot. We just did a CSI-member-lets-emotions-get-in-the-way-of-the-investigation plot a few weeks ago with Warrick but that is what this one seemed to be. The only thing I could think of is that they were trying to contrast her reation with Grissom’s. (She is emotionally involved with someone in the case and lets it get to her; Grissom is emotionally involved with someone in his case (Lady Heather) but still collects the evidence and follows it, at the cost of the relationship (Jim says something to this effect when he is talking to Lady Heather).)

Also, I can see Catherine that upset over her daughter but I can’t see it over the death of her ex. I hadn’t seen them as still being that close to each other previously but I have missed a few episodes so maybe there was something earlier that I didn’t see.

Like E C said, they had this sort of set up last year, when they first introduced Lady Heather- the chemistry was very clear between the two. Grissom is very meticulous and informed, as is Lady Heather. They are refined (in their own ways, and in general) and each has an incredible eye for detail, which earned both the admiration of the other.

I was surprised, certainly, but most pleasantly so.

There was not just chemistry but electricity between Lady Heather and Grissom, something I never really saw between Grissom and Sara, or even Sara and Hank, who’s so peripheral I had to struggle for his name. I thought it made perfect sense Grissom would be intrigued by Lady Heather: she’s an entrepreneur, has a sharp mind, and can wear a corset like nobody’s business.

I didn’t start watching CSI regularly until this season, so I’d like to ask more devoted viewers: how much of the characters’ private lives became plot points or arcs in previous episodes?

And will Elizabeth Berkley ever leave Vegas? Although her interaction with Brass was Basic Instinct redux, I gave it a few chuckles. I also thought she looked terrible.

She’s fast becoming the Gen-X Tawny Kitaen.

I think Grissom is one of the best characters on TV right now, along with Jack Bauer, Dr. Cox and several denizens of the West Wing. He makes me swell with geek pride. He’s smart, intense, funny, and fresh. I enjoyed last night’s episode as a character study of him.

However, I’ve seen better crimes and investigations. I wonder if the talent pool is being diluted by CSI:Miami, which I don’t find as interesting. It would suck to have two mediocre shows instead of one great one.

I rolled my eyes when Lady Heather (an eye-rolling name in itself) scolded Grissom for suspecting her. Um, your insulin equipment was used in a murder. I wouldn’t be insulted by the mere suspicion, and lets not forget Grissom and team then proved her innocent. But that not good enough for Ms. At-all-times-I-must-be-enigmatic-and-mysterious-and-know-more-about the-dark-side-of-human-nature-than-even a-CSI-investigator, but-you’re-supposed-to-somehow-know-I’m not-a-murderer.

Although I could see her being upset because a situation was out of her control, clearly something she can’t stand. Refocusing that anger on the one guy who can save you doesn’t seem that productive, though. Although it does seem human, and adds to the complexity of her character.

Actually, I thought it was quite realistic and gave insight to both characters.

Grissom represents logic over emotion. He has said many times on the show variations on “listen to the evidence, not your emotions”. You could argue quite easily that Grissom really isn’t comfortable with his emotions; he’s certainly somewhat awkward in social situations and oftentimes doesn’t seem to understand his staff when they react emotionally. You see this a lot in the interaction between him and Sara but it has shown up when dealing with all of the characters at one time or another.

Lady Heather, on the other hand, is emotion over logic. Her business is built on helping people overcome “inhibitions” and “convention”. This could be thought of as helping them to listen to their emotions and feelings instead of their thoughts.

This explains somewhat of what is going on. Grissom is desperately keeping his hearing loss secret because he is afraid that he will no longer be able to function as a CSI if anyone finds out. He can only exist comfortably in that world of pure logic and science; he can’t deal with the world on any other level.

Thus, he desperately needs what Lady Heather is offering. She is trying (in her way) to bring him out of where he is and I think he realizes that. (Maybe not consciously, but at some level.)

Lady Heather is obviously quite good at understanding people; in her line of work she almost has to be. She sees what is inside of Grissom better than just about anyone, even the rest of his staff, and thinks it is worth bringing out. This is her attraction to him.

Now, in times of stress all of us retreat to our “comfort zone”. When Grissom hears about her being diabetic and using insulin, he immediately switches back to keeping the world at a distance and becomes the pure, logical CSI scientist. The evidence says that Lady Heather is a suspect so he immediately treats her as one.

Lady Heather, despite what she knows about Grissom, can’t understand this. She is the emotional/feeling one. She can’t understand how Grissom can know her and still suspect her. After all, if Grissom were listening to his feelings and emotions he would know she would not have killed anyone. She feels betrayed, as if he doesn’t trust her.

So, Grissom is reacting logically and Heather is reacting emotionally and neither can understand why the other doesn’t understand.

Just my thoughts.

Mrs. Bernse and I said the exact same thing when he did that, and we both let out a collective <GROAN>

However, thanks for the background from the other posters, I had no idea she had appeared before. It kinda helps, but I sure hope they didn’t blow it.

For those who watched it, did you notice Lady Heather mentioned her website? If so, have you visited it yet?
(Not thoroughly checked for work-safety, but so far so good considering it is a network show)

I was wondering whether CSI would be smart enough to register the domain before someone else did. Looks like they were.

As others mentioned, the Grissom/Heather attraction was set up previously; this was something of a payoff. I also liked the enigmatice final scene. Was that someone standing in the shadows outside the car?

I also had no problem with the second story line, though I was a bit surprised that Catherine was so upset over Eddie, who was a louse. Still, I suppose they did have a relationship

Actually, she’s at least the second person. The episode with the actor who killed the transvestite, Grissom’s old mentor was investigating CSI for the defense, and he noticed Grissom’s hearing loss. I thought Katherine knew, too.

Also, I didn’t see Katherine being upset over her ex at all. I mean, she was a bit upset standing in the autopsy room with him laid out on the table, but who wouldn’t be? But, that wasn’t the reason she was freaking out all episode; she was freaking out because of her kid. Again, who wouldn’t be?

I think Grissom and the dark lady Heather are a fine side plot, as long as it never gets to be overwhelming. How many other bodies can they find at her place without straining our credulity? The fact is that they are already over the edge statistically comparing rates of fatalities associated with D&S clubs and community responses to same. (OK, it’s Vegas, but if a D&S club in a major city were peripherally involved in two murders, it would be subject to every possible legal limitation on its operation within days.)

I think Heather is at least as insulated from her emotions as Grissom is. She is exquisitely aware of everyone else’s emotions, but she herself is as smooth in affect as a trained psychologist is. No passion, no fluster, nothing. She is in control of everyone around her, and Grissom is attractive mostly because he can’t be readily predicted. He doesn’t deny his interest on the basis that it does not exist, or is not acceptable because of her profession. He’s working. He has to look at her as a potential witness, or suspect. That doesn’t change that he finds her attractive, but it is in the way, on camera. Then the camera shot fades. He’s off now. It’s not professional for him now. And he expresses an emotion.

The manner of his expression is profoundly different from what Heather has set herself up to receive from men. Men don’t caress the cheeks of a Dominatrix. He didn’t either. He caressed the cheek of a woman who had reached him on an emotional level.

Big breakthrough for both of them.


I forgot about the old mentor in the transvestite case. I don’t think that Catherine knows, however. I remember a recent episode where he is looking up information on his condition on a laptop, Catherine comes in to see what he is doing and he quickly switches to a web site on insects before she sees what he is looking at. If she knew he wouldn’t be trying to keep it secret from her.

Well, in the tag she is lying in bed crying and the daughter comes in and tries to comfort her. It obviously isn’t the daughter she is upset about then. Of course, she was married to the guy for some length of time so I guess she may still feel something for him.