CSI: 2/9/06 - spoilers

An evil f**king twin?! Are you kidding me? They’ve resorted to an evil twin?! Isn’t that one of the classic signs of shark-jumpage?

OK, the Nazi angle was kind of cool, and the repeating twin theme (Romulus and Remus, the Mengele-experiment twins, etc.) was interesting.

But still. An evil twin. Sheesh.

I was wondering the same thing myself. Tho it was nice to see Lady Heather again.

At least she wasn’t doing her “look at a photograph and instantly deduce a person’s entire life history” bit.
How did she get the guy to imitate a hood ornament, anyway?

Dominatrixing builds muscle. :slight_smile: Didn’t the first Lady Heather episode turn on her being diabetic? She might have knocked him out temporarily with a insulin shot or something…

Maybe she seduced him again and slipped him a mickey?

And a bullwhip? Ouch!

Honestly, I had a hard time getting past all the needle-in-the-eyball stuff at the beginning. I mean, I avoid movies like “Saw” and “Hostel” for a reason. I don’t appreciate them springing that crap on me on CSI. I know it’s usually somewhat graphic, but for some reason this one went too far for me.

Also, Nick needs to pick a look and stick to it. He went from porn-star-mustache to Beatles-impersonator-haircut in a matter of weeks.

Yeah, the evil twin thing was corny, but if you let that slide, this was a great episode. Lady Heather (one of my favorites) is always1 or 2 steps ahead of Grissom. I only hope we get to see them comsumate their relationship one of these days.

The new haircut irks me no end. Drives me nuts. Give Nick back his old hair and let Greg be cool-hair-guy and let it go.

I didn’t hate the evil twin thing, but it felt like there were bits of investigation still to be done. The eye thing oogied me, but I wanted to hear more about the experiments, I suppose.

And I don’t know if I could ever chew my own hand off.


This was the Lady Heather one?


Crap. I taped Earl because I was tired but I completely forgot about CSI.

:smack: :smack: :smack:

But what about Sarah?

Or Sarah and Lady Heather…

[Given the amount of CSI slash about, I’m sure there’s gotta be some femslash with these two in it…]

Hated the ending with a passion. Much better ending would have been Grissom discovering the killer’s body in the exact same place as Zoe’s was discovered, dead from something excruciating, with the next number on the list branded onto his arm, and no sign of Lady Heather or proof she did it.

I wasn’t paying a lot of attention. Did they explain what the hell was up with the evil twin?

Also, as I don’t watch much CSI, was this a resolution to a multi-episode story line? The twin, I mean.

And yeah, it was pretty oogy. I guess there’s not much you can’t show on TV any more.

She’s a smart dominatrix, not a supercriminal.

The twin had killed his brother at the sleep research center and impersonated him some time before the time of the episode. He was using this to get victims for his Nazi-like experiments.

That would have been worse. It would have ended any sympathy for Heather, making her just as bad as the other guy. Also, the Grissom/Lady Heather relationship would have been over (yeah, there could have been an episode where he has to bring her in, but nothing after that).

Yeah, I got that, I was wondering what he was trying to accomplish with his nazi experiments. What was going on in his head, what were his motives, etc.?

Although it occurs to me that Lady Heather has got to be facing some heavy duty charges anyway (assault, kidnapping, attempted murder, etc.)

I liked a lot about this episode, and I especially liked the denouement of the last scene, when it became clear that Lady Heather was not only avenging her daughter, but she was trying to hurt Grissom as well. I can’t think of any other immediate reason why Gil’s use of a “safe word” would make her readily stop beating the guy, other than that she was also hurting Grissom and stopped when he begged her to. It seemed very clear that he was specifically appealing to her dominatrix side by telling her, “I’m saying ‘stop!’” And why would she stop if all she was doing was avenging Zoe? She wouldn’t. She didn’t want to cause Grissom any more pain. QED. Or, uh, something.

Anyway, I still hated the evil twin, although it would have been a gas if they’d named him “Garth” (extra special kudos for anyone who gets that incredibly obscure reference.)

Do you really think Grissom would let the aggravated assault and battery slide so he can hook up with her later? Hey, I like to see her too…but man, that beatdown WAS criminal, and Grissom is pretty much a by-the-book guy…but there’s always a first for everything, I guess.

And would the “good” twin be Barth? :slight_smile: (I like my kudos with extra chocolate.)

I really didn’t like this episode at all. I think the writers wanted to bring Lady Heather back, and arbitrarily chose an episode to try to sandwich that in. There wasn’t a compelling reason that this would have been her daughter as opposed to a stranger. There really should have been two episodes; one involving her daughter that might have actually related to her mother’s lifestyle, and one involving a Dr. Mengele wannabe in the desert.

It’s up to the DA to file charges… Grissom will simply report what he saw/found.

I doubt serioously that any jury would convict Lady Heather, and she would probably be offered a reasonable plea bargain based on the circumstances… hopefully her actions don’t hurt the case against the real bad guy.

Kidnapping? Hard to say… he may have left willingly (he had just slept with her, afterall)… it’s the battery afterward she would face charges for.

I thought the twin thing was good, unexpected and quickly resolved… it, the episode, just seemed to jumpy in the way it moved from bit to bit… would’ve been nice had Tarantino came back to do this one.

Just sayin’, that’s all.

Worse for her and Grissom, sure, but much better dramatically.