Did Futurama reference Venture Bros?

Anyone else catch the tombstone for **HELPER **in the robot graveyard? It didn’t have the abbreviations but the tomb itself vaguely resembled HELPER’s color & eyes. Was there ever a Helper character in Futurama itself?

Yes, Helper appeared in several episodes, and his web pageindicates that was his tombstone you saw. Apparently he was killed by clamps. I never noticed him as a specific character, or knew his name until I looked this up.

The Fututama Helper and the Venture Bros. H.E.L.P.eR are not the same robot.

Helper’s name in Futurama was a joke - he was a replacement for Bender, who was anything but.

In the Venture Bros., H.E.L.P.eR is an acronym that stands for Humanoid Electronic Lab Partner Robot.

Good thing you told me that because I explicitly stated they were the same robot in my post. It’s right over … no not there … not there either … hmm … oh I see … I didn’t say that anywhere.

Sorry, didn’t mean to imply that you did. Just clarifying for the OP.

Ok thanks. I don’t think I’ve seen *Godfellas *more than once. Good episode, if a tad serious. Even so I have no memory of that HELPER replacement robot they try to give to Fry. I thought them referencing Venture Bros was a bit of a stretch. I’m sure there’s mutual respect for the high level of quality of their two shows, but I don’t think they share any creative history with each other…